Sunday, June 1

Sick Day

My poor baby has not been himself the last few days. He is running a low grade fever that Tylenol takes away but his appetite is nil and he is much too mellow to be my kin. It is times like this that I wish Spencer's communication skills were better. He has no way of telling me what is bothering him. If he wants to cuddle with me, then I know he is not feeling well. We went outside quite a bit and played ball and went for walks. That seemed to perk him up slightly. I know he probably has some bug or another that is going around but when your child has been through the things that Spencer has, you, as a parent, can't help but think the worst case scenario. I only let that last a mere second or two until I smile and thank God Spencer is here to experience a "minor" bug at all!

Absolutely beautiful weather here. Sunshine galore!

Did any of you do anything fun this weekend?

It is a figment of your imagination that I am wearing shoes on my son's bed...

He is watching a Hermie cartoon.

He was curled up on the couch, so I brought the pillow and blanket from his bed out.


Faith Johnson said...

The poor little tyke. I hate when little ones are sick. I can see that you would think the worst for a bit. You sure went through a great deal. You would not know it by looking at his pictures. He is so healthy and happy looking all the time. That means he has wonderful parents (you & John). I might have my grand daughter out here next month for a few days. I sure hope so. Love Faith

Tanya said...

That makes me sad :(. I hate to say it, but every time you tell me he doesn't feel good, I panic inside!

Praying for him tonight!

Derek said...

I wish that Spencer gets better real fast. No one likes to be sick. I will pray that he gets well. It was a really nice weekend here in Park falls too. I got a little sun burnt. Tell Spencer hi from me ok? Have a great week!

Brandy said...

Awww poor baby! Nothing worse than when your baby is sick! Sickness doesn't seem to bother the twins so much but with Nate, he tends to lose his spark. He'll lay on the couch for hours without moving. I think I could get past that but he doesn't even make a sound. Like Spencer, Nate's communication, or lack thereof, really bothers me when he's sick because he can't/won't tell me what's wrong. We're FINALLY making progress on him answering questions but a lot of times his answers aren't appropriate to the questions so it doesn't help.

Lots of thoughts coming your way hoping that Spencer's back to his normal self soon!

Sheri said...

Faith, you are too kind. Thank you!

Tanya, don't worry, I do the same!

Derek, I told Spencer you said hi and he smiled.

Brandy, isn't it tough not knowing what to do to help Nate when he is sick? Glad you are making progress and I you hit the nail on the head about him losing his spark, that is exactly what happens to Spencer.

Thank you all for caring!

Tanya said...

Sheri, how is he feeling tonight?

Sheri said...

He is feeling great today, the turd! I am so relieved.

Thanks for being such a great Aunt!