Monday, December 29

Spencer's Six Month Cancer Check

He is clear again of all cancer! He had his blood work done and an ultrasound, both showing no signs of illness or irregularities. Life can now resume for me and I can breath a little freer and think a little clearer. It has been 4.5 years since he went off the I.V. chemotherapy and 4 years from the pill form of chemo he had been taking. My little miracle continues to baffle doctors and make his mother run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Ahhh, life is good.

The pictures below were taken in October but I thought they were cute since Spencer won't normally tolerate these types of rides. He rode on two this time. Pictures were also snapped with John's cell phone, so the quality could be better.

Saturday, December 27

Christmas 2008

I am truly hoping everyone reading this had as fabulous a Christmas as we had. This year was near perfect. Of course, I do wish my brothers could have shared the day with us, but they were in my heart that is full of other Christmas past memories.

We shared Christmas Eve with our good friends Tammy and Brian and their two boys. Tammy made homemade pizza. It was delicious!

Opening gifts. Spencer loved his new Slinky. Must have tasted good!

Note the bag Brian's gift was wrapped in. I had nothing to do with this; John is a twisted individual. **cough, cough**
Christmas Day was hosted by my sister, Tanya and her husband Rich. Going to their house is always a treat, especially when you get to spend time with family you wished you saw more often. Tanya's house is beautiful and warm and cozy. The perfect atmosphere to spend Christmas Day at.

My Dad and I.

Tanya's Corgi, Sophie.

My nephew, Sam. He not only plays electric guitar, but the sax too!

Spencer playing with Grandma and Sam.

Helping Daddy open a present.

Spencer actually took interest in his gifts this year. My family is so wonderful. Aunt Tanya got him a frog book. It's super cute.

Remember my sister Robin's wedding I stood up in this summer? Here's the happy couple.
We are such a blessed family.

Monday, December 15

Taking Some Good When Times Are Bad

The economy...on a downward spiral, going fast. Almost everyone I know has taken on a second job/side job to help make ends meet. We are no different here. I have been laid off for 1/2 a day, a week, for a few months now with extra time around the holidays. I will admit, I LOVE the time spent at home and with Spencer, but it hurts the bank account. John took a second job a few months ago along with extra hours at his current job at the hospital. I wanted to help also, but refuse to spend any more time away from Spencer. I love this kid and it would break my heart not to see him or be able to put him to bed at night. So, I went back to the very first job I had at age 13. Babysitting!

Meet Kayla. She is 14 months old and adorable to boot. We love having her at the house. Her mom and dad are both nurses and work long shifts, so we get to enjoy her while they can't. She and Spencer are very jealous of one another and fight over everything from sippy cups to my lap. Then they kiss. They make me laugh and it is actually quite nice to have another wee one in the house.

I sat between them at dinner time. I want to make sure Spencer isn't feeling left out or as if he is being neglected. He is having a bit of a hard time understanding any type of sharing. I think it is healthy for him to interact with Kayla also as she is one smart cookie.

Not liking sharing his mommy at all...

What a mug!

A little sulker we have here. Lounging in his bean bag, giving me the sad puppy dog look. With each visit, Spencer is warming up to her more and not throwing as many tantrums for attention.

See...good things can come from bad, Kayla is just what we needed!

Wednesday, December 10

Ban Me...Now!

I need our local pet store to issue a "NO SHERI" policy ASAP. I usually need to stop by there every week and a half to get crickets for my frogs and toads. I honestly, despise crickets (OK, I'll be honest, they are creepy and scare me!), but it is the main diet of my babies, so I suck it up and deal with it.

My baby frog I wrote about a few weeks ago, died after only a week. I think he wasn't it good health when I got him though. It really bummed me out and was quite sad to watch.

A forum I am a member of (of course this forum is for frog owners) frequently has pictures of members other pets. Cats, dogs, snakes, lizards, boyfriends, etc..and bearded dragons are quite popular. I learned they are gentle, easy to care for pets and are good for young children due to their calm nature and love of affection. Unlike my frogs which shouldn't be handled often, beardies love the attention and to be petted and held.

I had an empty 30 gallon tank already, sooooo, I came home with two baby bearded dragons tonight. Samson and Delilah. John loves them and already wants a colony. I think two is fine. They can reach 20 inches and I don't want to have to rent a storage unit, just to keep them. HA! They really are beautiful and very curious.

At times like this, I think of how much my nephew Colin would love to come over and play with my critters.


I am starting to feel like a backwards cat!

Sunday, December 7

The Lord Knew What He Was Doing

When he gifted me with the cutest boy on earth. For if my son was not so stinking adorable, I might have put him up for free on craigslist this weekend. Spencer has made leaps and bounds with his understanding. Many phrases he used to need a lot of guidance understanding, he now clearly knows exactly what you mean. Yeah!

Lately, though, he has been testing me constantly. I am not sure if he doesn't comprehend right from wrong as a whole yet, or is just a turd in disguise and could care less. Since, I don't believe hitting a child is a good form of punishment and I can't see needlessly yelling either, I work with time outs, finger pointing (this one helps let off steam for me) and raising my voice. Most of the time Spencer laughs at me. Can you believe this? I usually laugh back, I mean, who passes up a laugh?

While folding laundry in the basement today, I heard a muffled thump. That thump was my Christmas tree! Here is the end result. I nearly cried! Cute boy gave me a hugenormous lip pout and I ignored him for .5 seconds. I think he learned his lesson. Pretty sure he did; nope, don't see him doing this again. **Insert large guffaw here**

Oh yes, our neighbors are green with envy, I'm sure.

I think I will just display the ornaments on my coffee table in a Glad bowl. Starting new trends is a passion of mine.

This did start out with fake snow and beads. Sometimes less is best!