Wednesday, December 10

Ban Me...Now!

I need our local pet store to issue a "NO SHERI" policy ASAP. I usually need to stop by there every week and a half to get crickets for my frogs and toads. I honestly, despise crickets (OK, I'll be honest, they are creepy and scare me!), but it is the main diet of my babies, so I suck it up and deal with it.

My baby frog I wrote about a few weeks ago, died after only a week. I think he wasn't it good health when I got him though. It really bummed me out and was quite sad to watch.

A forum I am a member of (of course this forum is for frog owners) frequently has pictures of members other pets. Cats, dogs, snakes, lizards, boyfriends, etc..and bearded dragons are quite popular. I learned they are gentle, easy to care for pets and are good for young children due to their calm nature and love of affection. Unlike my frogs which shouldn't be handled often, beardies love the attention and to be petted and held.

I had an empty 30 gallon tank already, sooooo, I came home with two baby bearded dragons tonight. Samson and Delilah. John loves them and already wants a colony. I think two is fine. They can reach 20 inches and I don't want to have to rent a storage unit, just to keep them. HA! They really are beautiful and very curious.

At times like this, I think of how much my nephew Colin would love to come over and play with my critters.


I am starting to feel like a backwards cat!


Susannah said...

Pretty dragons! I keep wanting to get some, but luckily I totally can't afford one. Good ole practicality and finances. ALways keeping me from getting more animals. :) That said, beardies do make awesome pets, especially with kids cuz they're so tolerant of pretty much everything.

Sheri said...

Thank you Susannah! I got a good deal on them, but still...the little buggers are expensive. Worth it though!

Tanya said...

I posted here yesterday and it never showed up?

Anyhow, I was saying that they are so cool looking! Colin would've loved them for sure.

You should open your own shop. You'd do a super job!

Sheri said...

That's odd, Tanya! Yeah, I think of Colin quite a bit when I am hanging out with my animals. Any animal loved to be by him.

I didn't know if Sam would like them or not. So happy he commented on the beardies. Made my day!