Monday, December 15

Taking Some Good When Times Are Bad

The economy...on a downward spiral, going fast. Almost everyone I know has taken on a second job/side job to help make ends meet. We are no different here. I have been laid off for 1/2 a day, a week, for a few months now with extra time around the holidays. I will admit, I LOVE the time spent at home and with Spencer, but it hurts the bank account. John took a second job a few months ago along with extra hours at his current job at the hospital. I wanted to help also, but refuse to spend any more time away from Spencer. I love this kid and it would break my heart not to see him or be able to put him to bed at night. So, I went back to the very first job I had at age 13. Babysitting!

Meet Kayla. She is 14 months old and adorable to boot. We love having her at the house. Her mom and dad are both nurses and work long shifts, so we get to enjoy her while they can't. She and Spencer are very jealous of one another and fight over everything from sippy cups to my lap. Then they kiss. They make me laugh and it is actually quite nice to have another wee one in the house.

I sat between them at dinner time. I want to make sure Spencer isn't feeling left out or as if he is being neglected. He is having a bit of a hard time understanding any type of sharing. I think it is healthy for him to interact with Kayla also as she is one smart cookie.

Not liking sharing his mommy at all...

What a mug!

A little sulker we have here. Lounging in his bean bag, giving me the sad puppy dog look. With each visit, Spencer is warming up to her more and not throwing as many tantrums for attention.

See...good things can come from bad, Kayla is just what we needed!


Mom said...

With the size of the bowl in front of Spencer he looks like he has a big appetite. Ha!Ha! Must be quite different for you tho having a new one in the house. Like your centerpiece. Give hugs and kisses from me. Wish I could see you.

Faith said...

This is cool for you in many ways. Remember way back when you were talking about if you should have more children or not. May be this too will give you your answer and I think it will be a good think for Spencer. He has never had to share you but as long as he knows he is still moms number 1 he will be fine. Love ya Faith

Brandy said...

It must be fun having another little one around! It seems like ages since I've had one so young around here.

I'm sure Spencer will adapt after a bit. It took Nate a few months to adjust to the twins...heck, it took me over a year to adjust to the twins! LOL

Great pics!! Spencer is handsome as ever and little Kayla is adorable! said...

Spencer must be a VERY good eater! Yay Spencer!

It's important to learn to share Mommies and Daddies!

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your sweet comments when I posted about the arrival of our children. It was so awesome to be able to share our news and know that so many of you would feel as we did -- that it was truly a Christmas miracle.