Wednesday, April 30

Fun with Photoshop

I can't take a decent picture to save my life. I try and try and think it through and still have problems with either bad lighting, blurriness or waiting too long and the perfect opportunity passes me by. I often photoshop my pictures not only to help make them look better but it's fun to do. I am learning more and more every day. Here are a few fun ones I did tonight.

My dad's awesome trucks.

Funky frog

My niece and nephew quite a few Easters ago.

Tuesday, April 29

Confessions of a Twisted Sister

I have an unhealthy fascination with Will Smith's navel. Yep, you heard it correctly.

I watched I am Legend a while ago. I think Will is a talented actor and enjoy most of his movies, so this one was a no brainer. The photos below are from a scene in the beginning of the movie. I had a hard time remembering what the rest of the movie was about. Flashes of sweaty muscles kept flashing through my narrow mind. This man is fine, real fine. I want him to be my friend, forever.

At work last week, I walked by Pam's desk (she is a friend and the world's best receptionist, among other things, but that is for another post) and out of the blue said, "I can't quit thinking about Will Smith's navel." She looked at me like she always does when I say something off the wall and unstable. I act like this and she still comes over to my house. Have to hang on to friends like that.

So what I am trying to tell you is not to watch this movie. It will do bad things to you. You will burn dinner and put the laundry detergent in the refrigerator. Remember, I tried to warn you...

Monday, April 28

April Snow Day

This is the view outside my living room window this morning.

Even this robin is having issues with the weather.

Spencer and I basically played ball all day. This is how he likes to watch cartoons.

Playing ball in the kitchen for a change of scenery. LOL! (please ignore 1972 linoleum.)

I photoshopped this one. I really need to get a good one of him smiling!

Sunday, April 27

Inexpensive Toys

Last night while I was blogging, Spencer got bored and went into the cupboards in the kitchen. He does this often checking for new things to get into. He took two Glad bowls out last night and being the strict mother that I am, I just ignored it and let him play. John called out not too much later that I was missing a photo opportunity.

Isn't he silly? The last picture is his sneaky look. Funny how your kids will ignore their $50 light up action keyboard but play with a $2 Glad bowl. Again, he takes after my sister.

Saturday, April 26

Indoor Activities

We were stuck indoors today due to wind and the fact that it was only a little over 3o degrees. Brrr! We had a nice lazy day.

Spencer's attention span is not very long for many learning activities. He likes to tell you he is "all done" mere moments after you start. One thing he really likes to do and is proud to accomplish is saying words and numbers off of his Slide and Learn Flash Cards. Aunt Tanya got him two sets of these last year. One Dora, with words and one Diego, with numbers. As usual, she thought of a perfect idea to keep Spencer occupied long enough to learn. Here are a few pictures of Spencer telling me all the words he knows. He opens the slide card and then I say the letter and he repeats after me. Then I say the word and he repeats that. When we first started he would either ignore me if he couldn't say the word or he would just grunt. One time he even said apple for every word! It was very hard for me not to laugh! Now he tries every letter and word and can pronounce most of them fairly well. I am so proud of him!

Friday, April 25

Happy Friday

Another rainy day here. Everything is turning green outside though, so I am not complaining. All my hosta are starting to make an appearance. My sister sent me some sunflower seeds and I can't wait to plant those also.

Unfortunately, the company I work for has slow business (along with half the country), so the office staff are laid off one day a week. Today was my day. I picked Spencer up from the school bus at daycare and made his whole day. When the doors of the bus opened and he saw me, his eyes got huge and he started jumping up and down. I tried to get it on camera but didn't quite do it.

We came home and had lunch together and then a nap. A five minute nap. It took me longer to get Spencer to stop talking in his bed than he stayed asleep. The upside is that he didn't get out of bed once tonight after I tucked him in. You always have to look at the upside. : )

Thursday, April 24


It has rained and been windy all day here. My backyard was almost dried out; now the swamp is back. My daffodils are starting to flower. Growing plants and flowers is a great joy to me, so every day I am out there looking at their progress. Tonight when I checked on them, they were very battered up and being that it is their first year (I planted them last fall), they are quite spindly. One flower was left standing so I took a quick picture of it full of raindrops. Didn't want to get my camera too wet, so one was all I got.

Here is Spencer in his cute Shrek jammies. He is disappointed we couldn't go for our walk tonight, so I let him have his toothbrush as a consolation prize. I was calling him over to have his picture taken. He would either walk right up to the camera so all I could get was a nostril or cheek or he would sit on my lap. Cute, but not a good photo. This one is the only one that turned out ok out of 40 I took tonight. I really need some lessons!!

Tuesday, April 22

A Very Late Thank You

How does someone say thank you for a priceless gift? Words are not profound enough sometimes and seem inadequate when people give you gifts from the heart. When Spencer was going through his countless surgeries and tests during his months in the hospital, family and friends were my lifeline and support. I was too caught up in the time to fully appreciate the effort so many made to be there for both Spencer and I. I don't think I could ever get close to how much that meant to me and still does. Many drove over two hours one way just to stop in make sure I had things I needed. My sister and brother-in-law had Colin in and out of the hospital themselves and still took the time to come for Spencer's surgeries. My sister never failed to call me and just let me talk. My mom and Aunt Mattie drove down every chance they got and always brought Spencer a toy or stuffed animal to make his room more cheerful. My stepmom baked me the most delicious food and my poor dad would sit for hours in Spencer's room waiting for me when I was at the hotel taking a nap. He even made sure I got out once in a while for a quick lunch and even though I thought I shouldn't leave Spencer, he knew I needed a little time out of the hospital to reassess. My cousins Christine and Erin never failed to make me laugh when I thought all humor in myself was gone. My sister's pastor, Pastor Barker, who works for the Ambulance team would make sure to stop in when he was down this way for an ambulance call. He never failed to restore my faith with each visit. Spencer's grandfather was very ill during one of Spencer's big surgeries but he and my Aunt Marlene still came down, even though it must have been a hard trip for Chuck. Each visit, call and card during such a stressful time really can make such a difference. Thank you all for being you and caring like you do.

Here are a few pictures of Spencer after he had finally come out of the woods and was on his way to recovery. He still had his feeding tube and the bandage on his head is from his final shunt surgery. He is so stinking fat because of all the medications he needed to be on. I know he looks quite pitiful but he really was starting to come back to himself and was very happy. I post these not for pity, but to remind us all to have hope. The last picture with the awful " feed me" outfit is so funny. One of the nurses in the hospital found the outfit in the extra clothes bin and thought while I was at lunch, she would change him and take a picture. The irony of him being so fat and having a feed me outfit on was not lost on anyone who came in the room.

Monday, April 21

Another Lifetime

In what seems like another lifetime, Spencer was just discovering life outside of the hospital. When he was strong enough to hold his head up again, we realized the poor kid needed some toys. I didn't know what reaction he would have to a toy that he had to work to sit up in, but thought the toys looked fun on this exersaucer, so we brought it home. Here is Spencer's reaction to his new toy. The photos are very grainy. I think I used the first digital camera known to man to take these pictures but they are too cute to not share. His hair is starting to grow back after his shunt was placed and with his toothy grin and fat cheeks, he is just adorable. Where he looks like he is yelling in the one picture, he actually is. He is so excited with all the things he can do with his new toy, he is jabbering at the top of his lungs.

All tuckered out...

Sunday, April 20

He Takes After My Sister

Here is another favorite photo of mine. Spencer has become quite the little thief this last year. He has a sixth sense when it comes to things he should not have and who might be watching. As soon he he grew tall enough to reach on top of the kitchen counter, he decided the dishrack was a great place to get some new toys. He loves to take cups out and take them into the living room for toys. John took this picture last summer of Spencer watching tv and trying to phone home at the same time. He is actually listening to his movie through the cups. I tried it, it sounds cool! He just got out of his pool and that is why his hair is so shiny. I have no idea where this behavior comes from, must be my sister's influence!

Saturday, April 19

A Redbird Christmas

I read every day. I just finished A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg. I normally read thrillers and fantasy/horror books but am in need of a new author, so I bought this book last time I was at Goodwill. I really enjoyed this story. Nice heartwarming tale that took me only a few days to get through.

I would be interested in hearing what everyone else is reading or authors that you find worth while. Here are the authors that top my list (I have read every one of their books) but I am open to ANY suggestions. Steven King, Robert R. McCammon, Anne Rice, Patricia Cornwell, Lavryle Spencer and Nicholas Sparks. I have read a few by Tess Gerritsen and enjoyed those recently.

Share what is on your bookshelves these days...

Friday, April 18

A Boy and His Cheeseburger

Here is an absolute favorite picture of mine. Last summer we took Spencer to a park a couple miles from the house. It's a small quite area where he can run around and play to his heart's delight. Sometimes we picked up some fast food for lunch on the way. One of Spencer's (and mine) favorite foods is McDonald's cheeseburgers. I still break up Spencer's foods and that is what I am trying to do in this picture. His expression when I took his cheeseburger never fails to make me laugh.

Thursday, April 17

Allow Me A Minute To Brag

Here is my nephew, Sam. I am proud to be Aunt to this handsome young man. He is the spitting image of his father (sshh...don't tell my sister). Many kids these days are full of themselves, rude and sloppy. Kind of like me when I was younger. Sam, is none of these things. He is intelligent and inquisitive. He is thoughtful and fun to be with. He is thankful for what he has and glad to help others. The kid can play any sport out there and do a damn good job too!

I love this special nephew of mine for all of the above and so much more. I don't get to spend near enough time with him. I am going to work on that starting this spring. He will be graduating college and I will be an old dried up woman before we know what hit us!

Below is Sam as Jay Leno's offspring. Sorry Sam, but it is funny!

Wednesday, April 16

School Days

Spencer loves loves school. He has been going to Early Childhood Development for a year and a half now to help prepare him for kindergarten next year. What a world of difference this has made in his life!! He has speech, occupational and physical therapy along with gym class and a regular classroom four mornings a week. His teachers are amazing people with large hearts and even larger amounts of patience. I will never find the words to let them know how grateful I am for all they have helped Spencer achieve.

This week in school he is learning about farms. He gets to take animals out of a barn and learn the sounds they make and how to feed them. Today they learned about pigs and played in the mud with the farm pigs. I am sure Spencer loved this part.

The pictures I posted are from last year and Spencer looks older now but I love his cute expression in the one by his locker. It is one of my favorites.

Tuesday, April 15


Spencer went in for an occupational therapy session at the clinic today, requested by his neurologist. This is a fun time for Spencer. He enjoys working with any kind of therapist. Spencer needs and wants the stimulation therapy offers. We decided that I will see if I can arrange to take a few hours off a week at work and bring Spencer in for occupational and speech therapy once a week over the summer. This will keep him moving forward during the summer break. Not only are the therapists very good to Spencer but he loves spending time with them.

We recently discovered that Spencer may have a brain condition called Acqueductal Stenosis. The fourth lobe of his brain (bottom right) is very large and is pushing his spinal cord forward. Right now it is not bothering him or causing any seen issues. It may or may not. It could have been caused by his stroke or not be related at all. Some questions are not easily answered and I believe if his neurologist and neurosurgeon could tell me why, they would gladly do so. He will need a MRI every six months to monitor any changes. This leaves a lot of "what ifs". I can deal with what ifs. I could sit down and cry and scream but what good would it do when Spencer is happy and healthy today and being naughty in his room right now when he is supposed to be sleeping. He just turned on his light and shut his door. I have much to be thankful for!

I am a dough head and forgot my camera at a friend's house this weekend. I meant to take pictures of Spencer's therapy session today. I was going through pics and saw these two cute ones from almost two years ago when we got Spencer his tee ball set. I can't believe how much he has grown.

Monday, April 14

Introducing Spencer


I am Sheri, jack of all trades, queen of a few. I am mommy to the sweetest boy in the world. I have created this blog to have some fun, laugh, cry and hopefully learn a thing or two from anyone caring to read my ramblings.

This is my baby, Spencer. Don't let the angelic look on his face fool you any. He has a mind of his own and is not afraid to let you know when he is not getting his way. He is a boy of many expressions; each one cuter than the next.

Spencer has survived cancer twice. He is my hero and my light. He is five and a half with the cognitive abilities of a two year old on average. He is happy with himself; I am delighted to be his mommy.

Stop in and say hi, give advice and share some ideas on life, love and the newest book you are reading.

I look forward to sharing our days with you.