Monday, April 14

Introducing Spencer


I am Sheri, jack of all trades, queen of a few. I am mommy to the sweetest boy in the world. I have created this blog to have some fun, laugh, cry and hopefully learn a thing or two from anyone caring to read my ramblings.

This is my baby, Spencer. Don't let the angelic look on his face fool you any. He has a mind of his own and is not afraid to let you know when he is not getting his way. He is a boy of many expressions; each one cuter than the next.

Spencer has survived cancer twice. He is my hero and my light. He is five and a half with the cognitive abilities of a two year old on average. He is happy with himself; I am delighted to be his mommy.

Stop in and say hi, give advice and share some ideas on life, love and the newest book you are reading.

I look forward to sharing our days with you.


Tanya said...

Awww,my boy! :) Looks GREAT!

deb said...

So glad to see him again! Hope to see him soon!

Anonymous said...

n Hi there !!! Happy to hear from you !!!! Glad Spencer is doing well !!
Page looks fun . Ill check in from time to time to stay in touch .
Miss fraggin with ya'll .
Lynda Grimes (Princess)

Cheri said...

Oh wow Sheri! Spencer is so big!! When did that happen?????
I am so happy that he is doing well1
Big hugs to you guys!!!

robinmichelle77 said...

what a sweetie!! Can't wait to see you guys!!