Tuesday, April 15


Spencer went in for an occupational therapy session at the clinic today, requested by his neurologist. This is a fun time for Spencer. He enjoys working with any kind of therapist. Spencer needs and wants the stimulation therapy offers. We decided that I will see if I can arrange to take a few hours off a week at work and bring Spencer in for occupational and speech therapy once a week over the summer. This will keep him moving forward during the summer break. Not only are the therapists very good to Spencer but he loves spending time with them.

We recently discovered that Spencer may have a brain condition called Acqueductal Stenosis. The fourth lobe of his brain (bottom right) is very large and is pushing his spinal cord forward. Right now it is not bothering him or causing any seen issues. It may or may not. It could have been caused by his stroke or not be related at all. Some questions are not easily answered and I believe if his neurologist and neurosurgeon could tell me why, they would gladly do so. He will need a MRI every six months to monitor any changes. This leaves a lot of "what ifs". I can deal with what ifs. I could sit down and cry and scream but what good would it do when Spencer is happy and healthy today and being naughty in his room right now when he is supposed to be sleeping. He just turned on his light and shut his door. I have much to be thankful for!

I am a dough head and forgot my camera at a friend's house this weekend. I meant to take pictures of Spencer's therapy session today. I was going through pics and saw these two cute ones from almost two years ago when we got Spencer his tee ball set. I can't believe how much he has grown.

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