Friday, April 25

Happy Friday

Another rainy day here. Everything is turning green outside though, so I am not complaining. All my hosta are starting to make an appearance. My sister sent me some sunflower seeds and I can't wait to plant those also.

Unfortunately, the company I work for has slow business (along with half the country), so the office staff are laid off one day a week. Today was my day. I picked Spencer up from the school bus at daycare and made his whole day. When the doors of the bus opened and he saw me, his eyes got huge and he started jumping up and down. I tried to get it on camera but didn't quite do it.

We came home and had lunch together and then a nap. A five minute nap. It took me longer to get Spencer to stop talking in his bed than he stayed asleep. The upside is that he didn't get out of bed once tonight after I tucked him in. You always have to look at the upside. : )


Brandy said...

Hi Sherri!

I saw you posted on my blog, so I came to check yours out!

Your little guy is adorable! :) Don't you just love when the little things make the biggest difference? :)

Brandy said...

Woops!! I hit the 'R' one too many times! ;)

Sheri said...

Thanks for stopping by Brandy. I have a sign at work that says, "It's the little things." Boy, can I relate to that!