Sunday, August 31

Who Said Frogs Aren't Cute?

We had our first official frog photo shoot tonight! John decided I needed to take out the frogs and get some pictures. I do try almost every night to get some after I turn their light off but due to the lack of light and the fact that they don't cooperate well, I maybe get one good photo out of 50. I couldn't believe my ears when he said he would take pictures and help out! Turns out that Simone loved him and kept climbing all over him and jumping on his arm. It was very cute and of course made John more comfortabe holding them.

I have to give credit where credit is due. I took none of these photos. That big hairy arm isn't mine either! John was a frog hog!







Xander on top, Simone bottom

How can you resist that face?!

Saturday, August 30

Scuba Steve and the Mommies

That is the name of Spencer's new band. Pretty catchy, huh? (have to have seen Adam Sandler in Big Daddy).

Spencer has always loved music and singing. The weekend of the wedding, he came home with his own band in a box. It has a drum set, harmonica, tamborine,recorder, keyboard and guitar. He has since switched between all these and is proud of his ability to make noise by himself. We are proud of him too! A few short weeks ago, he couldn't blow the harmonica and now he runs around playing it for us with the cutest smile ever at his success.

We are currently looking for new members to join our band. If interested, meet us in the middle of the living room after dinner!

Thursday, August 28

The Hole in My Heart

I have a hole in my heart that will never heal. A hole that reminds me at many turns of the very special little boy who's smile used to light my day. It has been three years ago today since I have seen that little boy, since I have heard his voice or felt his arms around me giving me a hug.

Three years ago today that my sister Tanya's oldest son, my very first nephew, went with the Lord and left many behind to mourn the empty space in our lives that he once filled. Colin fought bravely and with all he had but cancer takes precious loved ones without regret or sympathy.

My fascination and great love for Colin started when my sister honored me by asking me to be with her in the delivery room. I loved my little alien, blond haired, red faced nephew immediately and that love and bond only grew as he did. I miss him so very much and still look for him when I visit my sister's house. I think of him every day and talk to him every night before I fall asleep. It has become a habit for me to tell him about my day and let him know how much I miss him.

I keep Christmas cards that Tanya sent when Colin was still here because her family will always be the best family of FOUR that I know. To see his name with theirs is only right and natural. I have many things Colin gave Spencer that I have stored in Spencer's closet, waiting and hoping some day he will understand what these gifts mean. I have pencil boxes and notebooks full of Colin's art that mean more to me than the Holy Grail. He was always giving Spencer and I gifts. He loved to make people happy. A hero with a heart of gold...

I take comfort in knowing that Colin is feeling no more pain and that someday in the not so distant future, I will be with him again, in whatever form and it will be like we were never apart.

Please light a candle tonight in honor of one brave and very missed little man, who's place in my heart still holds his laughter and kindness close and who's love has changed me forever.


Wednesday, August 27

If Only He Knew

Tonight was the Open House at Spencer's new school for registration and bringing in school supplies. I am sure I am an odd duck here but I was excited to do this and have been waiting anxiously all week. I picked out Spencer's new supplies with great care and thought. I enjoyed every moment including writing a check for his first months lunch fee. I ordered a Diego and baby jaguar paint smock on eBay last night. I put Batman stickers on his pencil case and wrote his name on his Elmo backpack. Does Spencer care even one iota that I did this? Nope. Did I savor each moment and skip around the house anyway? You bet your sweet bottom I did!

I am thrilled and happy for Spencer to start Kindergarten next week. I am still in a slight daze that he is already old enough to go to school. How did the years go by so fast???

Spencer, if he understood, would be equally thrilled to be starting school again. I don't often think of the "I wish" scenarios when it comes to Spencer. I don't feel it's healthy to wish for impossible and unobtainable things. While I do wish life in general would be easier for Spencer, I love him just the way he is. He could be Spencer no other way...

This might be an issue. Let's be real; I have trouble following these rules on a daily basis!

That's my boy. Beeline to the toy box.

Two of Spencer's favorite things. Balls and mirrors. They may need to set up class in the bathroom as they will have a hard time keeping him out of it!

Tuesday, August 26

More Weekend Fun

We drove a few hours south Friday morning for the wedding rehearsal. We were done so quickly at the church, that we had a few hours to spare before dinner with the wedding party. My sister suggested that we all meet at the pool and jacuzzi. Spencer was in his glory at the size of the pool as he hasn't seen a hotel pool before. My nephew Sam and awesome brother-in-law, Rich played ball with Spencer and made sure to include him. Rich even let him ride piggy back with him to the deeper areas. It made my heart so happy to see Spencer engaging with others and even happier that it was his uncle and cousin.

Spencer developed "hero" worship for Uncle Rich then, following him from the pool to the jacuzzi. Whatever Rich did, Spencer followed. Rich said he gets this all the time!

On another good note, I heard from Spencer's teacher today. Good thing as the Open House for school is tomorrow evening. She was apologetic and answered all my questions even giving her home phone in case I had more. I feel so much better!

Monday, August 25

Love Is In the Air

My step-sister, Robin, found the love of her life, Adam, and they were married this last weekend. It was such a beautifully planned wedding. All of us kids stood up together and not only was it an honor to be part of my sister's wedding but I haven't laughed or reminisced like I did during those two days, in many years. I had an absolutely wonderful time and met some really great people in the process.

Myself and my sister Tanya, before the wedding.

Look at those expressions. Can't tell they are father and son, can you?
My brother-in-law, Rich and nephew Sam.

My dad and I.

Our side of the family.

My step-brother, Terry and I.

Hannah and Shane. Flower girl and ring bearer.

My step-mom and dad. They celebrated their own 25th wedding anniversary this last summer.

The wedding party.

Husband and wife.

Robin and my dad.

Robin and I. Wasn't she a beautiful bride?

Robin and Adam stealing a golf cart for some "alone" time.

This cake was so well done, it didn't look real.