Monday, August 25

Love Is In the Air

My step-sister, Robin, found the love of her life, Adam, and they were married this last weekend. It was such a beautifully planned wedding. All of us kids stood up together and not only was it an honor to be part of my sister's wedding but I haven't laughed or reminisced like I did during those two days, in many years. I had an absolutely wonderful time and met some really great people in the process.

Myself and my sister Tanya, before the wedding.

Look at those expressions. Can't tell they are father and son, can you?
My brother-in-law, Rich and nephew Sam.

My dad and I.

Our side of the family.

My step-brother, Terry and I.

Hannah and Shane. Flower girl and ring bearer.

My step-mom and dad. They celebrated their own 25th wedding anniversary this last summer.

The wedding party.

Husband and wife.

Robin and my dad.

Robin and I. Wasn't she a beautiful bride?

Robin and Adam stealing a golf cart for some "alone" time.

This cake was so well done, it didn't look real.


Brandy said...

First off - LOVE the new blog design. It rocks!

And what a beautiful wedding! You and Tanya look stunning! You both look fantastic in that shade of red. And your step-sister was a gorgeous bride!!

I'm glad you all had a great time!

Sheri said...

Thanks Brandy! I can't believe how easy and fun the wedding was. You are such a sweetie!

I love this design but don't like the dots in the background. Luckily I finally realized the ad on your blog where you get your wonderfully awesome templates. I have been admiring them every time you change them and just saw last night where they come from. I now have it bookmarked!