Tuesday, August 26

More Weekend Fun

We drove a few hours south Friday morning for the wedding rehearsal. We were done so quickly at the church, that we had a few hours to spare before dinner with the wedding party. My sister suggested that we all meet at the pool and jacuzzi. Spencer was in his glory at the size of the pool as he hasn't seen a hotel pool before. My nephew Sam and awesome brother-in-law, Rich played ball with Spencer and made sure to include him. Rich even let him ride piggy back with him to the deeper areas. It made my heart so happy to see Spencer engaging with others and even happier that it was his uncle and cousin.

Spencer developed "hero" worship for Uncle Rich then, following him from the pool to the jacuzzi. Whatever Rich did, Spencer followed. Rich said he gets this all the time!

On another good note, I heard from Spencer's teacher today. Good thing as the Open House for school is tomorrow evening. She was apologetic and answered all my questions even giving her home phone in case I had more. I feel so much better!


RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

Spencer looks so happy and cute! I love it when children get attached to someone that way! A lot of kids end up with some hero worship when they meet Josh -- particularly after hanging out with him at the pool. He throws them or spends hours snorkeling with them and they fall in love with him. Me too.

You two need to come visit us!


Brandy said...

What a great uncle and cousin to include Spencer in the pool fun! From the pics, it looks like they all had a great time! :)