Sunday, August 10

My Family

Yesterday we held a going away party for my brother Chris and his family. He is leaving for his three year journey to Germany while in the army. His wife and youngest daughter will follow in about a month.

We also combined my youngest niece's one year birthday party as it is difficult for all of us to get together. We had such a wonderful time seeing people dear to us and of course eating my mom's food. Years ago my mom gave me a bunch of my favorite recipes that she made while I was growing up. No matter how many times I make them, I can't get it down quite like she can.

Chris and Michelle.

My sister Tanya's husband, Rich. He is one of the neatest people I have ever met.

My sister Tanya's son, Sam. He is the all American kid. I love him dearly.

My youngest brother, also named Chris (don't ask), has grown up so much since I last saw him. I am looking forward to having him over soon.

Chris and Spencer.

Chris's son Ben. I am not sorry to say that I may have warped this sweet little boy while spending the afternoon with him. I taught him the best way to jump of Grandma's coffee table, among other things.

Chris's oldest daughter, Naomi.

Just look at this beautiful girl! We played soccer (I threw the ball and she kicked it back). I enjoyed it as much as she did. She is a very smart and fun girl to spend time with.

Chris's youngest, Abigail. What a cutie!

Chris is an amazing daddy and Abby is well loved.

I tried not to hold her the whole time I was there. I really tried...

Abby and I.

My Aunt Mattie (she comments on my blog) and Spencer. Mattie is every child's dream Aunt. I have loved her and her wonderful family since I knew what the love meant.

Ben, Spencer and I. Ben and Spencer were a little competitive, as boys can be, throughout the day. This picture reminds me of the difference in looks between my brother's son and mine. Chris and I have the same differences in coloration.

Chris and my mom. Look at my mom trying not to cry.

Abby and Michelle. Abby loved her first birthday cake. She had it all over her face and hands and we loved every minute of it! She also wiped it all over Grandma's place mats. I had no part in encouraging her, I promise. Michelle's smile was priceless as she watched her daughter tear in to her first piece of birthday cake.

Ben sat across the table with his own piece. I don't think he let out a full breath until his cake was gone!


Mom said...

I was so happy to finally get together with the ones I love even for a short time. Wish it was more often but cherish our time together!

Brandy said...

Awww! I love all the family photos!! Looks like everyone had a great time!

I love all the kids! When my family gets together, it looks a lot like that - kids everywhere! :)

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family. I wish Chris and his family all the best in Germany!


Mattie said...

It was so great to see you guys.Let me know when your up again I will come and see you.Was great to hold Spencer.What a cutie.

John Jordan said...

It is amazing to see the transformation that Chris has went through. It's men like him that give us all the Freedom we take for granted every day. God bless Chris and keep him safe through his journey as our proud, US Soldier. I haven't known many Soldiers. I am proud and boast proudly that I know a real one. I pity everyone that has ever said a jealous unkind words to Chris. He has proved and continues to prove he is a man that keeps his word, and leaves those in his life that told him he couldn't do it- in the dust.

We are proud of you Chris, and if you need anything name it bro. When days get tough over there, remember you have people cheering you on from afar, under the same sky.

Keep your armor strapped tight, and the AK loaded... said...

You have such a beautiful family! I confess to experiencing a twinge of envy when I saw how happy everyone was while together. My family requires great amounts of alcohol just to tolerate one another.