Tuesday, August 19

Close Encounters of My Son's Kind

We just spent the most wonderful couple of days with John's mom and sister. Carla, his sister, lives in Oklahoma and Jeanne, his mom, lives in southern Illinois, so visits are few and far between and certainly not often enough for any of us.

Spencer loves his Grammy very much and even though he had met Carla only one other time, he was stuck like glue on her also. He did his usual showing off and tried to bully them into his idea of time well spent. Of course, they indulged his every whim and even taught him a few new things. It was time for them to go back before any of us were ready to say goodbye.

The four adults (hard to believe, but I fit into this category from time to time) had some drinks on the deck in the back yard. We set Spencer up in his room to watch a movie so we wouldn't have to chase him around the yard (no need for fancy exercise equipment in my home; we have the Spencer 2002). Yes, my mother of the year award will be arriving shortly from Joan Crawford Limited for allowing my almost six year old to have his own T.V. **Gasp** he has his own VCR and DVD combo with a hugenormous collection of movies too!

The patio door screen was open and while we could hear Spencer chatting and singing, we know better than to be fooled by these sounds and still visually checked on him. I walked in to find this:

This is his hamper. He likes mesh, obviously.

I think he may be channeling a Jaw-ka. You see, this used to be one of Spencer's favorite words. For most questions asked of him, Jaw-ka, was his answer. It was extremely comical to hear him say this so seriously and then look at you for a response. I always said "yes". I don't want him to be on Oprah in a few years telling her of the sordid abuse at the hands of his anti Jaw-ka mother. In fact, Oprah scares me and I don't heart her at all.

Most of my relatives (a few friends as well) have entertained the idea that I may have been left behind by a foreign spacecraft. My son is not helping them to forget the idea.


Mattie said...

Spencer is so cute. Maybe he was keeping the flys away. See he knew what he was doing.

Sheri said...

I didn't think of that. Smarter than the rest of us put together!!