Sunday, August 3


I have said before that Spencer while almost 6, is developmentally delayed with some autistic tendencies. He is, for the most part, a very happy engaging little boy. He doesn't communicate well including his needs or wants. For instance, I leave out one bowl and one cup within his reach so he can bring them to me if he is hungry or thirsty. His way of telling you what he needs is to take your hand or push you, gently, in the butt towards his goal and then say, "Pweese", or if appropriate "more". He is learning in his own time and in his own way. The key here is that he is learning.

Tonight we went for a walk down the street before dinner. Later, Spencer brought me his shoes and said, "pweese." He has NEVER ever done this before. When I put them on he pushed me towards the patio doors to go outside. I am thrilled! This was such a priceless surprise and one that makes my heart sing! I now realize I will need to leave a pair of his shoes available for him to use when communicating his wants to go outside. I am slightly obsessive about our shoes being put away, but would gladly leave every single pair (and I have a LOT) out if it means Spencer can "talk" to me about what he wants.

Had to share my Spencer's triumph.

I have unwillingly affected my child's interests. I love trees. Spencer has a habit of stopping by this tree every time we walk this way and taking time to appreciate it. It is one of the prettiest on the block.
I dread the day when he will be too old for me to carry and kiss and hug at will.

If you can say nothing else of me, you must admit, I have a killer fashion sense when it comes to stylin' shoes!

Spencer is outgrowing naps and after a day in the pool and a walk, he basically rolled over and passed out at bed time.


Tanya said...

That is so cool!! He is coming so far...I love that you are finding little ways where he can communicate exactly what he needs. He'll be able to use that in a school setting and it'll be such a great help for him!

When does he start school? You must be nervous and excited!!!

Brandy said...

Your post made me tear up! I know all too well those moments that make your heart sing and just swell up with pride! So many people just don't understand what HUGE accomplishments these are for us (child/mother/father). On more than one occasion, I've shared some huge accomplishment with someone only to have them say "wow, he's JUST now doing that?" They just don't get it.

I get girl...and I'm SO happy for both of you! There is NOTHING better than your child being able to communicate with you! YAY for both of you!!!! :)

Faith said...

Sheri that is the greatest news I have heard in a while. I am so happy for him and for you. Who said communicated had to be in words. Kids are amazing little people. They will find a way to get their needs met and understood. Some take longer than others. Who knows how long he has wanted you to know that and was thinking ok Mom when are you going to get it. Our language is different to him and may be he sees us has the ones with the diability. He is a trooper. I wish so much that I lived closer to you all. I would love to go on walks with you. Go check out my blog and see the scare I just had. Love Ya. Faith

Razor Family Farms said...

I love that you greet each milestone with such joy. So often parents forget to appreciate those moments when a child says, "Pwease." I love that you not only let us know that you appreciate it but Spencer, too. And you listen to him!

How many times have I seen parents ignore their children's requests -- ones that are so easy to follow through on and asked with such innocence? Too many.

I love that you are the kind of parent who pays attention to your child and his needs.

What a beautiful post.

I'm tearing up.


Sheri said...

Can I just say how wonderful you all are? To have people who care about my little part of the world is something very dear to me.

Tanya - he starts school September 2nd. I am more excited for him than nervous. He really misses going to class.

Brandy - You know exactly how much something like this means to me. You know how difficult and how much effort it takes for Spencer to form thoughts long enough to do make some sort of progress. It is a glorious feeling!

Faith - you are so right about not just communicating with words. He already thinks I dropped out of a spaceship and who am I to tell him different! LOL! I wish you lived closer too. You and King would be great walking partners.

Lacy - I have such a hard time not showing the compassion I feel when I see parents do what you are describing. I want to go shake the parent and say "Wake up!" "You have one of God's miracles right in front of you!"