Friday, August 8

Xander and Simone

After yesterday's emotional journey, I wanted to do something relaxing and fun tonight. Even though I am supposed to be making taco dip and Chocolate Eclair Cake for my brother's going away party tomorrow, I opted for first cutting the lawn (this is one of my favorite jobs ever, seriously) and then spending some time with my frogs. Their tank needed to be cleaned and this gives me an excuse to take their lazy but adorable butts out of their condo for some photo ops.

Have I mentioned how in love I am with this babies?

First I sweet talked them (imagine me talking in the most annoying baby voice possible at the highest pitch allowed without breaking windows) while I took the landscaping out of their tank. Then I put them in this bucket with some water logged paper towel to keep them from stressing out. Simone went willingly and then huddled as small as she could. Xander did all he could to leap out before I put the cover on.

See the suspicious shiny object the arrow is pointing to. That is a turd Xander laid on poor Simone the minute I put him in there. He hopped on her, pooped, and went to his own side of the bucket. He may need to be grounded. I told him we would have words later.

Simone is a very mellow girl so far but then she is also younger than Xander and is still getting used to her new home. I am happy to say that after rescuing her from the pet store (Petco), I have managed to fatten her up nicely. She was very thin when I got her and I worried that she wasn't going to make it. I am not sure I have told you all how much I love these two froggies.
They both turned a greener color after they had been out for a bit. See how nice and healthy Simone looks. Compared to Xander, she looks like a peanut but she has grown already since I got her a few weeks ago.

I didn't hold them too long since they had been out in the bucket while I cleaned and redecorated their condo. It isn't good for them to be in the open air too long because their skin will dry out. Xander, the fatty by the water bowl tried to crawl under it. You can see Simone's foot and leg as she tried to escape my whiny baby voice. Have I mentioned how much I am in love with these two?


Brandy said...

VERY cool!!

And I LMAO at the turd! OMG, how rude!!! Just like a man to $hit on a woman!! LOL

Great pics!!

Tanya said...

I like their feet. They look so cute together!

Sheri said...

I know Brandy!!!

I like their feet too, Tanya! They are very interesting but lazy pets. said...

Just like a man.... laying cable and expecting us gals to clean it up. I'm shocked, let me tell you.

Too cute!