Saturday, August 16

Mistaken Identity

Tonight while making my sister Tanya's Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies, I discovered a fact about my frogs. Simone is really a Simon. I heard some loud background noise while using my electric mixer and upon shutting it off, continued to hear a loud series of barking protests to my loudness. Investigations proved that Simone is probably a boy, not the little girl I thought she was! I first looked at Xander as I am under the assumption that he is the boy and he was sitting nice and quietly asleep. Simone had a large bubble under her throat, although by the time I made it across the room, she had stopped barking.

With White's Tree Frogs, the females are usually larger and very rarely croak. Some do when they are picked up and Xander has done this a few times but not in repetition. Males, at a certain maturity level, tend to croak quit often and along with loud noises. The last few weeks both John and I have heard some croaking at night here and there but couldn't pinpoint the culprit. Now we know!

I may need to do an audio if he does keep this up and he will if I am right (this time). It is the neatest noise and I smile every time I hear it.

Simone. His throat hasn't returned to it's normal size yet and is still a little puffy.

Here is Simone last night hiding her head in the logs of her tank. This reminds me of kids who cover up their eyes and think because they can't see you, you can't see them!

Xander had really grown since I brought him home. Or her...

Finally a good photo!!!! Xander Zoo doing what he/she does best. Nothing!!


Tanya said...

I LOVE that picture of them looking at each other. Whatever sex they are, they are in love... said...

First, I gotta tell you that your blog is rockin'! I love the background photo and the theme. Looks amazing!


As for Simon/Simone -- sounds like you have a gender confused frog. This just means that he'll look better in your dresses than you do because he'll end up with better legs and a tighter butt. He'll also be willing to wear panty hose. That's an indicator in itself, if you ask me. That's okay, I know that you are the right person to raise a gender-confused frog-child. We promise to be supportive. ;)

But only if you make me that chocolate cake.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your he being a she and your she being a least they have cool names :)


(I really like the new set-up for your blog!)

Sheri said...

You guys are great!!! Always make my day.

Tanya, they just started to be friends. It's very cute.

Lacy, you have me laughing out loud again. I love that! I would make you FOUR chocolate cakes if you just come over.

Thanks Pam! I love the new look but don't like the opaque background. I will keep this until I figure out a new one!