Wednesday, August 27

If Only He Knew

Tonight was the Open House at Spencer's new school for registration and bringing in school supplies. I am sure I am an odd duck here but I was excited to do this and have been waiting anxiously all week. I picked out Spencer's new supplies with great care and thought. I enjoyed every moment including writing a check for his first months lunch fee. I ordered a Diego and baby jaguar paint smock on eBay last night. I put Batman stickers on his pencil case and wrote his name on his Elmo backpack. Does Spencer care even one iota that I did this? Nope. Did I savor each moment and skip around the house anyway? You bet your sweet bottom I did!

I am thrilled and happy for Spencer to start Kindergarten next week. I am still in a slight daze that he is already old enough to go to school. How did the years go by so fast???

Spencer, if he understood, would be equally thrilled to be starting school again. I don't often think of the "I wish" scenarios when it comes to Spencer. I don't feel it's healthy to wish for impossible and unobtainable things. While I do wish life in general would be easier for Spencer, I love him just the way he is. He could be Spencer no other way...

This might be an issue. Let's be real; I have trouble following these rules on a daily basis!

That's my boy. Beeline to the toy box.

Two of Spencer's favorite things. Balls and mirrors. They may need to set up class in the bathroom as they will have a hard time keeping him out of it!


Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. Damon is going to Pre-K next week and I am going to cry when I put him on the bus, and then I'm going to very much enjoy some "no fighting with your sister" time. It's only for 2 days a week, but I am so excited. I hope Spencer enjoys his class. Scary how quickly they grow up.

Sara (Pam's sis-in-law)

Brandy said...

Your posts like this always tug on my heartstrings because I so know where you're coming from. Nate starts kindy tomorrow morning. He's extremely excited...and I'm even more excited than he is.

The more I read about Spencer, the more similarities I see between our boys. Nathaniel LOVES, LOVES, LOVES mirrors and seeing himself. Our entertainment center has glass doors on it and he's CONSTANTLY looking at himself in the glass and making faces at himself. It's hilarious.

Those photos are awesome and make me smile! :)

Tanya said...

Love the pics of him looking at himself in the mirror! He is going to do great. Did you meet his aide yet?

mattie said...

Spencer is so cute.Hope he loves school.I see he loves the mirrors wonder who he takes after haha. said...

He looks so happy! You've done such a good job preparing him for school!

I love that he's into mirrors! Perhaps my favorite thing to do is to watch kids look into the mirror and make faces. It is such a neat insight into how they think and how their creativity is alive and kicking.


Sheri said...

Sara, Pam told me about Damon waiting for the blue bus! He is too cute! Us moms get more worked up than the kids do. I hope he likes Pre-K.

Brandy, how did Nate do today? I hope he had a good time! I thought about him today. I am so happy to have "found" you and Nate, the girls and Joe too, of course!

Tanya, no aides in sight as of yet. I am hoping to meet and talk with one soon though.

Mattie, I only look in the mirror every other minute now, not every minute. I've come a long way! HEHE!

Lacy, I could watch him all day. He is a little ham and knows it!