Tuesday, March 31

Spring, You Made It!

Is anyone else absolutely, positively, ecstatic that Spring is upon us?!

Spencer, the dogs and I took our first walk of the year today. 58 degrees but a bit windy. It was wonderful!

None of my flowers are blooming outdoors yet. I picked up the Hyacinth for Easter though. It's gorgeous.

Happy Easter everyone!

Tuesday, March 10

A Comeback?

Two years...since my last blog post. Where has the time gone? How are you all? 

I realize I have missed the little imprint on the world I was attempting to create. Recent high activity on my FB page got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, I left this blog up for a reason. 

If you have hung around, thank you. If you are new, welcome. 

I am rusty. In fact it took me 10 minutes to log in. True story!

All I have to leave you with at this time is a shot of a peach rose I took this morning. With my Niner team experiencing an apocalypse (crying and holding my jerseys close), I needed a distraction.

I will be back soon, if nothing else but to amuse you.