Saturday, August 30

Scuba Steve and the Mommies

That is the name of Spencer's new band. Pretty catchy, huh? (have to have seen Adam Sandler in Big Daddy).

Spencer has always loved music and singing. The weekend of the wedding, he came home with his own band in a box. It has a drum set, harmonica, tamborine,recorder, keyboard and guitar. He has since switched between all these and is proud of his ability to make noise by himself. We are proud of him too! A few short weeks ago, he couldn't blow the harmonica and now he runs around playing it for us with the cutest smile ever at his success.

We are currently looking for new members to join our band. If interested, meet us in the middle of the living room after dinner!


Tanya said...

Love those pictures! Did Ron get him that band set? That is the cutest thing ever. He looks like a natural! How sweet!

I'm praying he has a great first day at school!

Sheri said...

Yes, Ron got it for him. It is high quality and just the right size for him. He loves it!

mattie said...

Oh my gosh what cute pictures.He looks so happy

Sheri said...

Thanks Mattie! He loves hearing the noises he can make.