Thursday, August 7

Today's Results

We left bright and early this morning, me a bundle of nerves and Spencer just happy he didn't have daycare.

Even though Spencer devised plans (here he is in the examining room) to get out of his testing, he had a long day. We went in at 7:45 and got home about 3:30. Spencer did not cooperate well with the nurses but after all he has been through, I never judge him harshly for his reactions.

Here he is with me holding him in a recliner. He has had his full dose of Chloral Hydrate, a sedative, and is refusing to fall asleep. You can tell by his eyes that he is completely zoned out but sleep he did not.

Finally after about an hour and a half, he fell asleep. Yeah! I snuck a picture of him wrapped up on the bed before he was wheeled down to MRI.

Took the opportunity to snap a foot picture. I love this kid's cute feet.
Spencer woke up on the MRI table and was given a dose of Versed, another sedative to help keep him calm and relaxed. This did not work well and he continued to try to get off the table. The nurse had to call in a sedation doctor and my sweetie had to be given a deep sedative to completely knock him out. Because he had the other sedatives in him already, the sedation doctor stayed with him during the MRI. He was given Propofol and was out in less than 30 seconds. Finally! He has gotten too big for the other sedatives and we found out the hard way. Actually other than the IV and of course possible side affects (which he had none), the deep sedation would be preferable and much quicker. He will have this from now on unless he comes to understand the scans and will lay nicely by himself (I don't see this happening any time soon).

Results: Nothing has changed!!!!!! The lobe of his brain that is enlarged has not grown. They did see however that it also is not being used because he has no brain fluid flowing into that area due to it's size. We will now meet with his neurosurgeon to see what can or should be done, if anything. Overall, this is all we could ask for and after we came home and pigged out on some pizza, I took a nap and Spencer watched some movies, I realized, not for the first time, that small miracles happen in my life every day! Heck, one of them is snuggled up on his bed right now, happy to be home. (NOTE: Spencer's love and trust for me is amazing. I am always afraid that after I hold him down for some of these things and "allow" nurses and doctors to do their various tests, that he will be afraid of me or not trust me. He never shows anything other than his deep love and trust of me and I am so grateful at the end of days like to today, that he takes my hand and wants to still come home with me.)

This is Spencer's favorite nurse, Julie. This lady is one of earth's angels. She never fails to tell Spencer how much she loves him and how handsome he is. She cried one time when she hurt Spencer's arm trying to put an IV in. She is one special lady to us.


Brandy said...

Thank God there's been no change!! I thought about you two all day yesterday!

What a brave little guy he is! And such a hard job for mommy! You two did great!

That first pic of him at the glass door - are those sandals the Nike neoprene type? Nate has a pair and wears them every single day!!

Tanya said...

Poor guy looks wiped out, and I know you were too. Thank God it's over and the results were good. See you tomorrow!

Mattie said...

I am so happy his results were good.What cute feet he has.See you guys soon.

Sheri said...

Ahh...thanks for thinking of us Brandy. I have a confession to make. I saw Nate's sandals on your blog awhile back and loved them so I got Spencer the same pair except his are yellow and black. Ok, I feel so much better now getting that off my chest!

Tanya, he had a good day today and I am sure will be a little whirlwind tomorrow!

Hi Mattie! I hope to see you tomorrow too! said...

What wonderful news! I am so very glad that all went well and that there was no change!

How wonderful to see the favorite nurse. As a nurse, I'm always glad to see when we are appreciated. I'm not at all surprised that you are the type that does not let a kind hearted person go unnoticed. Nope. You are so generous and kind!


Sheri said...

Lacy, when Spencer became sick, a whole new medical world opened up to me and nurses were my lifelines. I am and continue to be amazed at what a difference they make in Spencer's appointments and our life in general. Hugs and family stories are common with Spencer's appointments. A few of them have very special places in our hearts.

I can see you being this kind of nurse. I bet you have made that difference I am talking about in other's lives!