Thursday, April 24


It has rained and been windy all day here. My backyard was almost dried out; now the swamp is back. My daffodils are starting to flower. Growing plants and flowers is a great joy to me, so every day I am out there looking at their progress. Tonight when I checked on them, they were very battered up and being that it is their first year (I planted them last fall), they are quite spindly. One flower was left standing so I took a quick picture of it full of raindrops. Didn't want to get my camera too wet, so one was all I got.

Here is Spencer in his cute Shrek jammies. He is disappointed we couldn't go for our walk tonight, so I let him have his toothbrush as a consolation prize. I was calling him over to have his picture taken. He would either walk right up to the camera so all I could get was a nostril or cheek or he would sit on my lap. Cute, but not a good photo. This one is the only one that turned out ok out of 40 I took tonight. I really need some lessons!!

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Brandy said...

My husband and I planted bulbs last fall as well. We were pretty pleased that all but 2 came up. We planted daffodils, hyacinth and tulips! The hyacinth bloomed first, then the daffys and now the tulips are starting to open!! They're so pretty! I think we're going to try to plant more this fall too.

I had a good chuckle about your son and the picture. My son does that as well! I have a ton of photos of him that are all blurry and way too close!!