Saturday, April 26

Indoor Activities

We were stuck indoors today due to wind and the fact that it was only a little over 3o degrees. Brrr! We had a nice lazy day.

Spencer's attention span is not very long for many learning activities. He likes to tell you he is "all done" mere moments after you start. One thing he really likes to do and is proud to accomplish is saying words and numbers off of his Slide and Learn Flash Cards. Aunt Tanya got him two sets of these last year. One Dora, with words and one Diego, with numbers. As usual, she thought of a perfect idea to keep Spencer occupied long enough to learn. Here are a few pictures of Spencer telling me all the words he knows. He opens the slide card and then I say the letter and he repeats after me. Then I say the word and he repeats that. When we first started he would either ignore me if he couldn't say the word or he would just grunt. One time he even said apple for every word! It was very hard for me not to laugh! Now he tries every letter and word and can pronounce most of them fairly well. I am so proud of him!

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Brandy said...

I had to smile when I read that Spencer uses the words "all done". My son, Nate, STILL uses those words frequently to let me know he's had enough.

And Nate also loves flash cards. We taught him the abc's and numbers by using flashcards and even though he knows them all now, he still loves to do them when I'm working with the twins.