Sunday, December 7

The Lord Knew What He Was Doing

When he gifted me with the cutest boy on earth. For if my son was not so stinking adorable, I might have put him up for free on craigslist this weekend. Spencer has made leaps and bounds with his understanding. Many phrases he used to need a lot of guidance understanding, he now clearly knows exactly what you mean. Yeah!

Lately, though, he has been testing me constantly. I am not sure if he doesn't comprehend right from wrong as a whole yet, or is just a turd in disguise and could care less. Since, I don't believe hitting a child is a good form of punishment and I can't see needlessly yelling either, I work with time outs, finger pointing (this one helps let off steam for me) and raising my voice. Most of the time Spencer laughs at me. Can you believe this? I usually laugh back, I mean, who passes up a laugh?

While folding laundry in the basement today, I heard a muffled thump. That thump was my Christmas tree! Here is the end result. I nearly cried! Cute boy gave me a hugenormous lip pout and I ignored him for .5 seconds. I think he learned his lesson. Pretty sure he did; nope, don't see him doing this again. **Insert large guffaw here**

Oh yes, our neighbors are green with envy, I'm sure.

I think I will just display the ornaments on my coffee table in a Glad bowl. Starting new trends is a passion of mine.

This did start out with fake snow and beads. Sometimes less is best!


Brandy said...

That sweet little boy giving you trouble? I don't believe it! :)

When Nate is causing trouble, I always try to reassure myself that he's showing that he's getting more and more like his peers - which for us, is a great thing! But it's hard to do sometimes! LOL

Mom said...

That is so funny! I miss all the fun stuff the kids did when they were little. Christmas just isn't the same without little ones! Enjot it now and give him big hugs and kisses for me! Love you all!

mattie said...

I'm so glad to here of Spencers progress. Love the Christmas Tree.He just thought it wasn't trimmed right. I'm sure he was just rearranging.

Sheri said...

No, not my sweet child! His halo is always shining bright!

Christmas really is so much warmer with young children, they have so much wonder and excitement.

Tree is back up and so far, Spencer agrees with my trimming it this time!

Faith said...

OMG that is too funny!!! I love your tree. If it helps I have two dead deer in my front yard!! Well we had a very bad wind storm knocked out power for hours and knocked our daddy and baby lighted deer over but mommy survived. Will be home the 26th if you are around let me know I will have Nevaeh with me the whole time and staying with Christine. Love ya. Faith