Saturday, November 22

Giving Thanks

As I mentioned, we had Spencer's first parent/teacher conferences not that long ago. I don't think I stopped smiling until the following morning! God has blessed us yet again with another wonderful teacher for Spencer. He adores Georgia (all the children call the teachers and aides by their first names) and she adores Spencer in return. Something I did not expect was for Spencer to also respect her. My little boy is growing up and trying very hard to impress his new teacher. I saw Spencer listen and concentrate more in that short time that I ever have before. I saw the delight on his teacher's face when she showed us what he could accomplish. I hung on her every word...I am thrilled at all the new things he is trying and learning. Spencer also has a real, true friend. He has taken an extreme liking to a slightly older very autistic boy and likes to mimic Elias. Elias is more advanced in numbers and letters. Spencer follows Elias around and likes to do what he does. So Spencer's teacher has allowed Spencer to sit and learn with Elias and he is catching on some!

Our house has been ringing with the sounds of "Where is Thumbkin?" recently as these seems to be Spencer's new favorite song. I sing it too!

This is how Spencer greeted his teacher.

Making himself at home; off go the shoes!

Showing us his matching skills.


Tanya said...

That is sooo wonderful! I am thrilled for Spencer and you too. It's a true blessing to have a great school and staff! (I see Reading Mastery in the background-that's my specialty!)

Miss yas!

Mom said...

OMG I have the chills! I am so proud of Spencer. He is blessed to have such wonderful parents and teachers. Wish I could see you all again soon. Love and miss you all!

mattie said...

I am so glad Spencer is doing so good. Thank God for good teachers.Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Faith said...

I am just to happy what an awesome thing. Another thing to be Thankful for this thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my fav. holdiday. I will think of you on this day and give thanks for this wonderful news. I will be home Dec. 26th. I am counting the days. Will only be there for 5 days and must get to see so many people. Most important to me is the grandmas. And to say good bye to my Jordan as he heads for Iraq. Hope to get to see you to. Kiss Spencer and Hi to John. Hug yourself or tell John to do it for me. Oh yes and Can not wait to take my grand daughter I will have her the whole time. Love and miss you very much!!!!

Brandy said...

I am SO excited to hear of Spencer's progress! I've missed your frequent posts about him and seeing pics. Your post put a huge smile on my face and warmed my heart. I'm so glad to hear that Spencer has a friend. I've found that Natey has really learned SO much from the other kids in his classes. He watches them for their reactions and then also copies.

He is such a lucky guy to have not only great teachers/aides but to have parents that help him SO much!

Sheri said...

I forgot to let you know how great it is to have you all as a support team. Thanks, from Spencer too!