Tuesday, November 11


Hello my friends! It has been lightly snowing here on and off for the last few days. Nothing that accumulates but just enough to remind me that very soon I will dread every morning and evening driving to and from work. I don't like snow EVER! I have my first cold of the season. It's seriously trying to kick my butt!

We have Spencer's first parent/teacher conference tomorrow night. I am very excited to go. Spencer is still loving school and I see so many good changes in him. He is maturing a little. He counts on his own up to ten quite clearly and recites the alphabet with very little prompting, again saying his letters nicely. He is learning how to draw straight lines, play with his peers and how to follow directions. He is understanding more what is being said/asked of him as well. I see things click for him more often. Yeah!

Of course I have to talk about frogs. I mean you would expect no less of me right? I have been keeping myself busy creating new environments for my babies. I also received the cutest early Christmas gift this weekend. He/she was shipped to me now instead of Christmas time due to the cold temperatures. See below for the cutest baby you have ever laid eyes on!

This is Little C. (until I know what sex he is). He is a baby Waxy Monkey Tree frog. He is the cutest little fella.

Instead of hopping, he prefers to walk.

The fire belly toads got a new home. They love water, so they got their own pool. If you look closely, you can see a couple of them over by the plants.

How are you all doing? I don't have much to blog, so I have been MIA lately. Would love to hear from you all!


Mom said...

So happy to see you back on! Been thinking about you alot! Its raining and snowing both here tonight. Love and miss you!

mattie said...

So glad you updated.I'm so glad to hear about Spencers progress.I sure miss him. Your new little frog is cute. Take care. Love you guys.

Cheri said...

We haven't had snow here that has stayed...yet. We know it is coming I just hope it holds off. I am nowhere near excited about it this year than last.
How did Spencer's parent/teacher meeting go? I can not believe how big he is getting!
Have I ever told you how much frogs scare me?? Yep I am more afraid of them than snakes, spiders and even bears! When I was five, my folks were build the house and we were in the basement area and one jumped directly on my face! Life has never been the same!!
Hope you have yourself a wonderful weekend!!

RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

You're BACK!!!!!

I've missed you SO much! What do you mean "nothing to blog about"???

Food, Spencer, frogs, life... what are blogs for if not to just fill them up with ramblings?

Glad you are well and that you have some lovely new froggy babies to enjoy.

Thank you for you super-sweet comment about the adoption and the four children that went to someone else. I can't begin to express the bone-crushing sadness that Josh and I feel. It sucks.

In friendship,