Wednesday, October 15


Fall is here in the northwoods bringing with it all the beautiful colors along with the crisp cool air that helps us sleep so well at night. No matter how many autumns I have seen, I never take for granted the plethora of colors I can behold just by looking out my window. I love to see the ideas and crafts people decorate their yards with at this time of the year also.

Spencer and I took what will probably be our last walk for the year, this Sunday. We were delighted to wear shorts again and not have the bulk of a jacket to hold us down.

What's the weather like by you?


Mattie said...

It has rained alot here in Marengo.I did get to take Grandma Lawver to look at the leaves. They were just beautiful and we had a wonderful time. I love the pictures of Spencer. What a cute boy he is. The tree pictures were beautiful.
Aunt Mattie

Cheri said...

Hi Sheri!
The weather here has been beautiful! Like the Northwoods there, the Southern Interior of BC has been awashed in some spectacular colours and sunshine. Sadly the clouds came today and the rain has started which means the snow isn't too far behind.Normally I don't mind the snow at all but with having to drive the big mountain passes next week for check-ups for Katie I am hoping it holds off.
I am glad you are back :)

Tanya said...

Our peak is past, but it is still beautiful. I can't believe it was warm enough for shorts and tank tops. I've been wearing scarves and sweaters all week!

Brandy said...

Hey girl! LOVE the pics of Spencer! What a doll!

We had one day this week that was 72 and from there on our, our highest temp is supposed to be 62 or 64. We're definitely into fall here as well! I LOVE IT!

We're just a bit past peak in the leaf peeping season and that's always a bit depressing! The leaf peeping season is one of my favorite things about New England! :)

Mom said...

Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday dear BUGS Happy birthday to you!
Love you!

mattie said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day. said...

Happy Birthday! What beautiful pictures!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Sheri John and Spencer.
Aunt Mattie said...

How is your fall? I've been utterly swamped. I can't get over how busy we've been! Our church is getting a new rector and I somehow ended up on the welcoming committee -- I AM the welcoming committee. I found him a house to rent, cleaned the house, lined the shelves, stocked the pantry, and arranged for a steam cleaner to come. I'm exhausted!

How are you, Spencer, and John?