Thursday, October 9

A Woman and Her Frogs

As I mentioned earlier, finding a new hobby has greatly reduced my stress levels. While I call it a hobby, I consider my frogs a healthy obsession really. Since John is allergic to most mammals, I am limited to what pets we can have. Be it my decision, I may have a petting zoo worth of animals running around our house and yard! So having loved frogs since I was a young whippersnapper, I am actually grateful that a pet of a different kind found it's way into my heart.

I have added to my brood. This is Milo. Poor Milo was at the pet store for about a month in a tank with a beautiful but mean chameleon. I stopped to visit him each time I was in. The store owner said he was croaking all the time in his cage. Ironically, John and I were in separate rooms of the house calling the pet store at the same time to see if the frog had been sold or not! This is so typical at our house! Needless to say, we brought him home. He is very active and vocal. Here he is sleeping in the lagoon I bought for them.

After bringing Milo home, I realized how cramped the three frogs (getting bigger and fatter every day) were in their 25 gallon home. I searched craiglist every night looking for a bigger tank I wouldn't have to sell an arm or a leg for. Last weekend, we went to look and price out tanks. I wanted at least a 40 gallon permanent tank for these guys. Our luck was good; Petco forgot to take the sale price off a 60 gallon tank and stand. It was only a bit more than the 40 gallon. I was so excited, I started having hot flashes in the aisles! John, being the sweetheart he is, offered to get it for me for my birthday (early). WOOHOO! This picture does not do it any justice. It is gorgeous and huge! I have all live plants on the bottom and can't wait until they fill in the tank. I will be added many things to this as I figure out how to do new things. I have a lot of creative (positive) energy and can't wait to put it to use!

This is my first frog, incorrectly named Xander and she is most definitely a girl. She is a cuddle bug and loves to sit just below my elbow (a.k.a. weenus) and wrap her front legs under her. She is wider than my males also.
This is the incorrectly named Simone. HE is hiding under a leaf because he is a scaredy ape. Simone is very shy but has much bigger eyes than my other two, which makes him super cute.
You think this is bad...just wait until I show you what I filled my 25 gallon tank with after I moved the White's Tree frogs to their new home!


Tanya said...

Wow, your tank looks really well put together! I'll bet your frogs are happy to be out of the gross pet shop. I'm curious as to what you are putting in the big tank? I don't think Grandma Lawver will ever come to your house!

Brandy said...

Welcome Milo! :) LOVE the new tank! Looks really great!

And how can you leave us hanging about what you put in the other tank?! AHHH!!

mattie said...

I love your tank.You will have so much fun with your frogs.Nicki has many many fish.She has over a hundred but is finaly getting rid of some of them.Can tell you two are related.

Faith said...

I wish I had something to keep me busy while being on workmans comp. This so sucks. I wnat to go back to work so bad. Faith said...

I really love your tank. The live plants and the new frog -- neat!

Happy Birthday!