Monday, October 13

Lily and The Gang

This is Lily. Lily is a fire-bellied toad. Lily is sitting in the tank right next to me taking a bath as I type this. Lily and her three posse members have been distracting me constantly since John surprised me with them a week ago. He knew I would have an empty tank after I put my White's Tree Frogs in their new home. He knew I would fret and research until I could no longer see, on my next frog. He couldn't have made a better choice. Even though they are toads, they are just as adorable as frogs! Fire-bellies are active all day and hop around onto everything, even themselves. I find them quite entertaining and adorable.
Here is to give you a size comparison. This is Lily last week just before I transferred her to her new home. Isn't she the tiniest cutest girl?! She and her tank mates are full grown! They were skinny when I got them. Nice and round now though!
I say that she is my only female out of four because of how much bigger she is than the other three. She is a round little lady.
Here are the three boys. They are smaller and more slender. They do croak but so quietly that I have to stop and listen carefully. They sound like a small dog barking a long ways away!
They are a community toad and love to be around each other. They are also semi-aquatic (that is why the water dish is so dirty). I am looking forward to making 60% of their tank water, like a small pond.
One of the males posing. They are also very friendly. They do give off toxins as most colorful toad/frogs do, but I wash my hands before and after handling them. They really only cause a reaction if you try to eat them, which I don't plan on doing for at least a few years, LOL!


Tanya said...

Wow, that is a cool looking frog. Sam thinks so too. He said to tell you that you should get a poison dart frog, whatever that is!

Mom said...

Next we'll be hearing you have a pond in your backyard.
How's the potty training going?

Faith said...

Wow you are the frog lady. Bre is shinnig down with smiles upon you girl. Are they that hard to take care of? I do not know if I would want a poison dart frog though, lol. One of Jess' girls likes frogs. I really love the look of the new frogs you have. Enjoy them. Miss you

Brandy said...

Wow! Those are some super bright colors on those frogs!! Very cool!

Sheri said...

Poison dart frogs are really little and beautiful colors. I would love to get some but they are little more work to take care of. Sam has good taste! He needs to come see my posse!

I would love a pond! Potty training is slow but sure. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Miss you too Faith!

Thanks Brandy!