Monday, October 6

School Picture

This year

Last year

Look at this handsome little man. I am thinking he was talking the whole time the photographer tried to take his picture. I just love his expression.

Spencer is doing wonderfully in school. Every morning he starts jumping up and down when he sees his bus coming. His teachers are enthusiastic and positive. He absolutely adores the aide that works with him and she writes great reviews about him each day in his notebook.

Spencer is participating in music and art (just as I thought he would) with the main kindergarten class. Most days he can last the whole period without having to leave early. He has new songs he sings and goes around the house saying, "try again" and "hooray". He participates well during hello time and overall tries very hard to listen. That's my boy!

Some of the best news! School is potty training him! He is responding well to going at school and does so on a daily basis. I have yet to have him do this at him but we try a couple of times every night. I am trying to be firmer with him and would really appreciate any one's advice on this. I think the hardest part is not knowing if he understands what I am asking when I say "potty?".

His room, teachers and aide are doing some serious and successful positive reinforcement with him and it shows every day!

His art project. His contribution: the large brown lines across his face. I think he was going for the look he has after he eats dinner. I see the Picasso effect very vividly!

Lastly, thank you, dear friends and family for your support, caring and forgiveness. I love you all!


Tanya said...

I can't tell you how much those pictures make me miss him. He is such an awesome kid and I just love the photos. I'm SOOOOOO happy that school is a success for him!

Brandy said...

Awwwwww!! What a great school picture!!

I really wish we lived closer because I think our boys could be such good friends! Nate just LOVES school and asks every single morning if he's going to Mrs. Miller's class! Even on Saturday and Sunday he asks!

I'm so happy to hear that he's doing so well in kindergarten! :) And WTG on the potty training! It really helps when they're so willing to help since they see him the majority of the day! (Does he go all day?) He'll get there!

And I loved his drawing!! :) Lots of hugs to him!!

Ok, and I'm making your cheesecake bars again today (for movie night with friends) and I'm adding apple pie pilling on top of the cream cheese filling! It smells SO good baking!! Those bars have been THE biggest hit around here!! said...

You're back!

I leave for Statesboro for the Special Olympic Fall Games and then you return! I should have known that all it would take was for me to be without computer access!!!!

I love his pictures and the art work!!!

I am thrilled that the school is helping with the potty training. How terrific!

Thinking of you,

Liz said...

What a cute boy you have!


Sheri said...

Spencer wants to see Aunt Nanna and Uncle Dick.LOL!

Brandi-our think our families would have so much fun together! Spencer goes all day and let me tell you, I have one tired little boy each night. That's funny about the cheesecake bars. People at work ask me when I am making them again! Glad you like them. The filling sounds good too.

Hello Lacy! I've missed you and need to catch up on your blog.

Thanks Liz! Glad you stopped by!

Faith said...

Wow has in changed in the last year. I just want to come home so bad and stay so I can be with family and not miss out on all of this. Faith