Tuesday, June 10

Properly Identifying Your Weenus

I have decided to take on a task of great importance. Now that we all know what a weenus is and that most of us have two of them, I feel it is pertinent to know the type or "style" of weenus God gave us. I imagine there are a gazillion different types of weeni out there and while I will never identify them all, I must try to do what good I can and educate people before it is too late!

I have collected and documented a few specimens below. Please check to see if your weeni match any of the examples. If so, then great! If not, feel free to send my pictures of your weeni or weenuses and I will post and identify them for you. I will remove all names during posting to of course, protect the innocent.

Sun-bleached weenus. This weenus has been abused by an afternoon of sun and becomes bleached when given attention. This is very bad for your weenus and can result in permanent scarring.

Saggy bottom weenus. This weenus has clearly seen better days. Proper care and attention has not been given to this weenus in many moons.

Wouldn't you like to be a weenus too, weenus. This weenus is fit and supple. This weenus is the apple of it's owner's eye.

Muscular weenus. An ideal picture of a weenus in top form. This is one happy weenus!

An example of a weenus in it's natural state. Most of us cannot see ours, so I thought this guy with the pipes would be a good working model.
Yes, I am very tired tonight and have no idea what I will be when I grow up!


Faith said...

I want to come over and compare our Weenus's. Mine is probably bigger than your weenus but in the last of your pictures, in its natural state, his weenus is bigger.

Anonymous said...

I think you should start a nature show. You're first episode should be a hunt for the weeni of the world. I think it would be a big hit and you should definitely consider the idea. Your descriptions alone would be entertainment enough! If you need a camera guy (or girl)let me know :)

Love ya

Tanya said...

Ok, those are some seriously fine weenuses.

Sheri said...

Come on over Faith and we will have a weenus contest! We can take the guy with the pipes!

Pam, that is a wonderful idea. We could travel the world in search of new and different weeni. I think a have a great photographer in mind...hint, hint.

You crack me up Tanya!

Razor Family Farms said...


I have a new way to embarrass my husband. You have given me pearls, my friend.



Sheri said...

Have fun Lacy! :-)

Anonymous said...

um, that is not what a weenis is. that is what little kids think a weenis is.