Wednesday, June 25


I love to decorate and upgrade my home and it's contents. Each room in my home has a theme. Without themes I am afraid I may just collect a plethora of things I like with no relation to one another and therefore create more of a variety store atmosphere than a room for myself and those who visit me to enjoy. This is fine for those who like and use this look, it isn't for me is all.

Spencer's room is sport's themed until he can tell me what he would like. My bathroom is retro with spots and stripes of brown and green. My bedroom is in shambles. Oh wait, that isn't a theme. I hope to decorate my bedroom in a soft teal blue and brown look. My living room is very modern with all black furniture and black and white prints on the walls of various flowers. My kitchen is currently tropical and while it took me a few years to find all that it holds, my darn sister at posted some really great photos of decor styles and her favorite sites/magazines to look for such things. Of course, I looked, I liked and an idea that I wanted something updated and different wouldn't leave my head.

I decided I would like a more "herbal" theme. I love plants and the color green so this is perfect and will be fun for me. I will need to take this in small steps for not only financial reasons but because I am picky and cost honestly means little to me in such matters. While I don't like to spend a fortune on things I don't actually need, I don't mind $200 or $2.00, if I like it, I NEED it!

I have been looking and forming ideas for a little over month now and here is what I have done so far.

My dining table - BEFORE

My dining table - AFTER
I found these dishes at Kohl's online from Food Network. They are ironically called Herbal Garden. The large bowl is a leaf. I have a smaller one and some larger platters with the herb leaves on also.

They look great on the table filled with yummy food too! Shrimp Scampi and Cheddar Bay Biscuits are not included.


Brandy said...

VERY nice!! I LOVE the dishes! I'm SO not a decorator and you can totally tell when you come in my house! :) We did everything in neutral colors!! :)

Razor Family Farms said...

Cheddar Bay biscuits... sigh. Heaven!

I love making them!

The dishes and the dining room look super!


Tanya said...

I love the dishes! Very timeless!

Sheri said...

Brandy, you fibber! Your living room redecorating is really nice. I love what you did there.

You too Lacy? I even eat the leftovers for breakfast.

Thanks Tanya!