Monday, June 16

Diner Dash

About a month ago, while playing around online, I came across a forum for Diner Dash and Playfirst games. I decided to try the trial version and was instantly hooked. I look forward to playing this game every night after Spencer falls asleep. The basics of the game are that you have different types of customers with different needs and you need to reach a certain score to move to the next level. You are a waitress. You can dress your character, Flo, to fit the many different themes of the restaurants. I am playing the newest version and have even purchased a few of the extension restaurants because I can't quit playing this game!!!

I have tried Wedding Dash also and while I like it, Diner Dash is the bomb! Go give the trial version a try, it is really a fun game!

This is a screenshot of the Romantic Rendezvous restaurant I am currently playing.

Here is Flo's closet. She needs a new designer!


Anonymous said...

Pam's brother David was addicted to this game. He played the trials until he beat them. I think we ended up buying 1 or 2 also. It's a great game. VERY addicting. Have fun!

Sara (Pam's sister-in-law with the adorable kids)

Razor Family Farms said...

My friend's daughter is hooked on this one, too.

I can't get into computer games!

I tried!


Sheri said...

Hey Sara!! Happy you dropped by! This game is terribly addicting. I try to deny I am, not working too well though! Pam was showing me the cute picture of your kidlets and how they sit when they watch tv at her house. Very cute!

Lacy, you are lucky, it is a curse, I swear. I need to take up knitting...soon!