Thursday, June 26


The past few days here it has been extremely humid. The only one not complaining is Xander. Tree frogs thrive on humidity, so he is in his glory. The rest of us move in slow motion and wear as little clothes as possible. This is scary on some parts of our street. Some of my neighbors should not wear spandex. It should be a city rule. I think Speedos and thongs should be outlawed as well. Speedos should never have been manufactured, I don't care who you are (courtesy of Larry the Cable Guy). Thongs are ok, when I don't have to look at my neighbor's as she meticulously paints her deck.

Spencer sheds his clothes on the living room floor as soon as he gets home for the day. Diaper attire is fine by me. It's when he decides the diaper has to go that we run into some issues!

I love his little belly. There was a day when I would have given anything to see that. So glad he has maintained a healthy weight.

This is what he does when I try to get a nice photo of him smiling. He really has the art of ignore down pat. He stays like this only blinking as I dance, sing and yodel around the room to get a response.

He finally has mercy on me and gets up and makes eye contact. Of course this involves not one but two balls flying at me. As I put the camera down to catch the balls, what happens. The cutest smile ever. Figures!

He often falls asleep like this. As if he is running and suddenly decides he is tired. I love the night mode on my camera. Better lighting than if the light had been on!

I sneak a quick kiss before I leave the room. He is too cute not too.


Chet Of The Undead said...

Indeed....why is it that the people who most want to wear Spandex and Men's "Banana Hammocks" are EXACTLY the kind who shouldn't be wearing them?

One of those "deep" questions that ranks right up there with the chicken and the egg.

Oh yeah, it's always best to snapth pictures when people are asleep. Especially when they're drooling. Or when they're open palmed and drooling...or when they're open palmed, drooling, and I've sprayed a insane amount of shaving creame in said palm and someone is tckling their nose with a large feath-

....well you get the idea! ;)

Brandy said...

We've had the humidity here too! It's awful! Today it supposed to be up near 90 with humidity in the "oppressive" range. I think it'll be a good day to run the a/c.

Love the pics of Spencer! I love the sleeping pics! So sweet!

Faith said...

Those are the sweetest pictures of him asleep, the close up my fav. He is not ignoring you when you dance and go about the room like a freak, you scare him. LOLOLOL!!!!! Just kidding I could not resist that one. Spandex is WRONG and so are THONGS ( I call it ass floss). The other night a lady in her, I'd say 50's was in the pool. Ya ok but get this she took her shorts off and went in her very see through skin tight undies. Nothing to the imagination. Ya we left. Palution to the eyes.

Tanya said...

Aww, love that last picture!

Rain coming our way tonight so the humidity should let up!

Sheri said...

Chet, I forgot all about using Banana Hammock. Thank God I haven't seen any of these on my street. I would get out my can of Raid.

Brandy, I love HOT weather but not the humidity. I would move to Arizona in a heartbeat. That is my kind of weather.

Faith, I think you are correct. Spencer probably goes to his safe place in his mind when I do this. If any of could hear me sing, you would know why!

Hi Tanya, wasn't it a beautiful weekend?