Tuesday, June 17

Christine & Tommy

Christine is my cousin. Her mom and mine are sisters. Chris and Tommy have been a couple for a few years and recently married. Tommy fits right in to our family and we are happy to have him! They are a fun loving and easy to be around. They came by tonight for a few hours. It seemed like only a few minutes! I don't get to see family very often and what a treat it was for both John and I to have some adult company. Tommy had tears in his eyes from laughing probably half the time they were here! Christine is always a HUGE hit with kids. She has a love for children that most immediately recognize when they see her. Spencer is no exception. He hasn't seen her for over a year and jumped in her arms as soon as she was through the door. Unfortunately he didn't have a nap and was over stimulated. The combination makes for a very moody boy. While he wasn't "terrible" he certainly was not on his best behavior.

We had such fun with Chris and Tommy and can't wait to see them again next month. We ordered in from El Mezcal and I think all of us ate way too much food. We hope to do it all over again soon!

Christine, an uncooperative Spencer and Tommy.

I love my boy's kisses!!

This is a close up Chris took. She had Spencer laughing so hard, he could barely stand up straight!


Tanya said...

Christine is one of those people that just makes me smile everytime I think of her. She's all heart. Love her!

How nice that you got to see her!

Brandy said...

I love when I get to see friends/family that I haven't seen in a long time! Looks like a great visit!!

Faith said...

I am so glad you all got together. Love the pictures. I miss being around my sissy. She sent me a picture of her monkey face yesterday so that I have it. Made me laugh again.