Thursday, June 12

Bird Woman

You may know her as Sacajawea. In my late teens, I was borrowed a book about Sacajawea. Always eager to read anything I can get my hands on, I had no idea that this book would spark a great interest in this historically known Native American. I was and still am fascinated by her and her short life. Many books and stories are based on speculation and theory but there is no way around the fact that this courageous and brave woman made her mark in history.

On a vacation years ago in Sedona, Arizona, I came across the most beautific bronze statue of Sacajawea. The photos are scanned and grainy but still depict the great detail put into this amazing statue. I personally doubt she was as stunning as this artist made her, yet if I were asked what I thought she might have looked like, I would not change a single detail from these photos about her.

Her first born, Pomp, or Jean Baptiste. She carried him the many many miles during the Lewis and Clark expedition without a word of complaint.
If you are interested in learning one author's tale of Sacajawea, get this book by Anna Lee Waldo. It is 1408 pages long and worth every page. I have read this book at least five times and it is in my top ten favorite reads.

Here is another great read if you like history. This is more historical and features Lewis and Clark's journey by Stephen Ambrose. Mr. Ambrose does his homework and takes you back in time.


Faith said...

I learned something new about you today. I never realized you were fasinated by her. I knew you loved books. I myself like books on criminal history and happenings. I have always been fasinated with the law.

Razor Family Farms said...

I'm a big fan, too. No wonder we get along so well!

I have a print of her standing in front of a waterfall.



Tanya said...

I really don't know much about her at all. Isn't there a movie out awhile ago about her with Colin Farrel?

Sheri said...

Faith, I know you are more into the true crime right? Have you read any Patricia Cornwell? I love love her books.

Lacy, I would love to get some art/artwork featuring her! So glad to know someone else (and a very COOL someone else) recognizes her.

I am not sure about that Tanya. If not, there should be one made of her. Actually Anna Lee Waldo's book, condensed, of course, would make a wonderful movie.