Sunday, June 29

Weekend Bliss

You know it was a good weekend when I haven't blogged for two whole days. Weekends whiz by much too fast in my opinion. I took a poll at work once to see if we could work weekends and have the week off, with the same pay of course. Didn't go over too well as you can imagine. I may have to look for a company with a more open mind when it comes to employee concerns.

Anywho, I have had much stress at work lately due to a market coming up AND a new price list being published. This price list, or as I have named it - Go Away Already, has thousands of formulas within it's 100 pages that I am solely responsible for. My boss, also the Vice President, helps by checking it's printout for me but that is the extent of my help. The market I mentioned takes place in Las Vegas in generates much needed business for us. I try to help our product, upholstered furniture, to sell by making up specials for our salesmen and saleswomen to use. I also make a very detailed list of the product along with pricing for them to use. I make tags that are displayed on every piece of furniture so our dealers visiting the showroom understand our newest product. I love doing this but not both items at once. Some days I feel like ripping off my clothes and running screaming from the room. This of course would cause all employees to quickly vacate and all hopes for help would be gone.

Weekends are my lifeline. Like a lily pad to frog, blood to a vampire or Will Smith's navel to my dreams..., essential and needed...I digress...

My cutie at the park today. He is very excited in talking up a storm here.

Mom, you are in my way!

He is such a polite boy. He is waiting permission to slide down.

Really working his arms to get up those steps. Therapy will like to hear this.

Oh, and Xander says, "What up, ya'll?"


Brandy said...

I TOTALLY hear you on the weekend thing. The weekend is the only real quality time the kids get to spend with the hubster. He works quite late most nights and gets home just about time the girls go to bed...he'll see Nate for about an hour on those nights. But 2 nights per week he's in school and isn't home until 10:30pm.

LOVE the pics of Spencer!! Even though we have what I consider a large playground here at the house, there's always something special about going to a park and playing on different things!

Faith said...

I the little hole in Spencers sock. I really enjoy your blogs and pictures. Wow so in a way you are tied to Vegas like me but you without the heat from hell. Right now t is even to hot to go into the pool. So gald to have air conditoning at work. If you find the weekedn job thing clue me in I will join you.

Faith said...

Ok the heat is getting to me I can not spell or put my letters in the correct order. Our AC is totllay broken right now and it is 98 up here in the office. 125 outside.

Sheri said...

Brandy, you have you hands full don't you? It's all for a good cause, right? Too bad we didn't live near each other.

Faith, I forgot all about that hole in his sock. I took his shoes off so he could slide better and there it was!

I would love to be that warm, I am too cold most of the time. When everyone else is suffering from heat stroke, I am finally comfortable. Hope your A/C is fixed soon!