Saturday, June 7

Meet Xander

Xander...after Vin Diesel's character from XXX. I have a story of course behind Xander finally arriving to his new home. We ordered him from our local pet store last week and were told a shipment of a few would be in this Friday. I spent the week cleaning out my fish tank and converting it to a hopefully posh frog palace. I also spent many hours on the internet looking up how to best care for my new baby, trying to find what kind of environment would keep him happy and healthy. I went to the pet store almost every day this week looking at all the neat animals and getting more information on White's Tree Frogs from the owner whom is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Friday arrives...I am a basket case and have a hard time sleeping the night before and an even harder time concentrating at work. Pam had these same symptoms as she is almost as excited as I am! Friday at noon I call the pet store, "Nope, the shipment isn't here yet." Ok, I wait until 4:10 and call again, "Everything came in BUT the White's. They have rub marks on their noses and couldn't be shipped." HUH! Maybe if I hang up and call again, they will tell me they are playing a cruel joke and I should come right in. I was in deep frog depression...

This morning, John gets a voicemail from the pet store saying they were cleaning out a cage last night and a White's Tree Frog pops out at them! The owner thought his wife sold it and his wife thought he sold it! I was so thrilled I couldn't do anything but walk in circles and mumble to myself. Then I called Pam and told her to come on over!

Xander is a few months old, so he is already a decent size. He should get to be almost double the size he is now. He is a very deep brown and changes to green when he is held. He likes to squirm a lot and will climb anywhere he can get. He makes the coolest deep ribbit when you take him from his cage. He certainly doesn't mind telling you he wants to be left alone. I think he is wonderful and while I am trying to leave him alone a bit so he can adjust to his new surroundings, I had to take him out a little bit ago and even though he yelled at me, he sat nice for some pictures.
That smile is pure joy!
Xander took to Pam right away and was content to sit looking at her for a while at the pet store.
Then he said he loved her hair color and wanted a closer look!

He was getting stuck in her hair so Pam took him out and they had a talk.

Look how big my eyes are! I think I might like him a little!

I put him back in his new tank very reluctantly.


Tanya said...

Aw, he's cute! Slimy looking, but cute! What does he eat?

Sheri said...

He is very cute! He isn't slimy at all. He is slightly sticky feeling but not in a gross way.He has really neat webbed feet that when you hold him, they hang on to your fingers. You can hardly tell he is there!

He eats crickets and meal worms now. I am going to get him some worms from outside too. I have a bowl of crickets on tap for him and he will eat two or three a day, more as he gets older. I can also feed him pinkie mice when he gets bigger but I am not sure I can handle that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for bringing me along yesterday! I've always had a soft spot for snakes and lizards, but not much experience with exotic frogs. Now I have to add one more thing to the list of "things my boyfriend is not going to like" :)

Love ya

Faith said...

He is awesome!! Now I know where Breanna got it from. YOU!! She is where I got my email at yahoo from. What does Spencer think? Good luck with him

Sheri said...

I was glad to have another enthusiast along Pam! Thank YOU for coming along.

Faith, I thought of Breanna when I got him. I don't handle him with Spencer around. He is not real considerate with small animals and would probably pick him up and throw him!

Faith said...

It is not funny that he would throw him but did make me laugh.

Brandy said...

Very interesting! I never even realized you could keep a frog as a pet! LOL I could never have one though!! :P