Monday, June 9

Getting To Know Xander

I have one lazy frog! Yesterday, Xander stayed in one spot the entire day and only opened his eyes when I talked to him like a newborn, then he looked at me in disgust and went back to sleep. I have been reading any information I can get my eyes on to make sure he is living the high life. White's are nocturnal and rarely are active during daylight hours, so his inactivity didn't alarm me, I just couldn't stop looking at him! I turned off his tank light around 8 last night and he immediately started exploring. I gave him a few crickets and the ate them within minutes. He has a big, fat, light pink tongue that isn't long at all. He basically just chomps the crickets a few times and swallows them. I took him out for a few minutes and was surprised at how different his color is from when I brought him home. If you look down to my first post about him, he is very lime green. That must be his slightly stressed color. His I am happy and love my new home color is the color you see below, a deep reddish brown. I think he is very pretty and could sit and watch him all day. I am waiting for the lazy boy to come out right now so we can have what will probably become our nightly chat.

I love the white spots on his back.

Here is after he jumped for his first cricket. I was so excited he ate because that means he is happy! I ran downstairs to tell John and he looked at me like you look at your Grandpa when he farts in church!


Tanya said...

I like his wise and old looking eyes. Is he loud at night?

Anonymous said...

He looks so good! I was hoping he'd settle into his new home quickly. It's great to see him out and about, rather than hiding behind his water dish. Can't wait to see him again!

Love ya

Sheri said...

He makes no noise whatsoever. Even when he jumps for the crickets, he is very agile and quick. He didn't even "yell" at me last night when I took him out because I picked him up correctly instead of forcing him.

I got some more things for his tank, Pam, so come visit soon!

Razor Family Farms said...


I like the name, too!

I'm back! I posted!


Faith said...

The white spots kind of look like pimples. May be he is a teenager. I love his color. It was 110 here today so went from work right to the pool.
Doug and I were in there for about an hour then started to get chilled.

Sheri said...

I stopped over Lacy! So glad you are up and running again.

I don't think he will let me pop them Faith. He is a bit touchy when it comes to his complexion! HEHE!