Friday, June 20

John's Last Night

John has worked in Safety and Security for our local hospital for over five years. His main station is at the front desk in the ER area. His job is widespread and contains so many different elements that his job description could fill a whole notebook. He not only makes sure the hospital is secure, from locking doors to ensuring fire procedures, but he also has to deal with the drunk and disorderly patients, sometimes being a bodyguard to both patients and doctors, to assisting police officers and dealing with any emergency that should arise, often times unloading the helicopters that come in. He has received many awards and recognition statements from his superiors over the years.

John is a popular person in his job, not only due to his engaging personality but to his physique as well. He stands 6'5", when he is not wearing my heels, and when he shaves his head, is a force to be reckoned with!

In the past John has also driven ambulance for the Spirit of Marshfield which is an advanced ambulance service due to it's equipment and intensive care capabilities (life support) that an average ambulance does not have. This means, he got all the worst case scenario calls all over the state.

John's real love involves computers, however. He is a self taught geek. Seriously, since the five plus years I have known him, his ability to know almost anything computer related has grown ten fold. He is a natural. He is often pulled from his normal duties at work to help others in the technical/digital world. This was not lost on his superiors and over the course of the last few years, John has taken some training courses computer/security related. He designs websites for a second job and has taken many coworkers computers home for a reformatting. Again the word spread of his talents. Late last year, he was asked to design an inventory software program for the hospital and did a wonderful job for them.

Due to his proven abilities, tonight is his last night on nights! He will start days next week and continue to take on more projects with designing software and whatever else comes his way. His hard work and dedication allowed him to move up among his peers. He has waited years for this type of promotion.

I think he deserves a big congratulations, don't you!?

Spencer and I thank him for his hard work and for taking care of us too...

The ambulance John used to drive when on call.

John and his dad. (John in his work uniform)

He has received awards for some of the situations he was involved in when offloading patients from this helicopter.

At a conference in Las Vegas last year. Notice he is playing with the toys instead of attending the courses!


Brandy said...

We have so much in common! My dh is all self-taught in the computer arena. He took apart his first computer at the age of 9 or 10. Now he's a software engineer sans the degree (which he's actually working on right now). Thankfully, he's been with his company for 8+ years and they realize how valuable he is! Sounds like the same thing going on for your dh!!

Oh and the bringing other peoples computers home to work on them NEVER ends! LOL My dh has been bringing home other peoples computers for 10 years. And he told me yesterday that he'll be bringing home a laptop in about a month! :)

Congrats on your dh moving to days and all that it entails!

Tanya said...

Well deserved! Congratulations to you John!

Razor Family Farms said...

There is just something about a man in uniform, eh? I should know -- I married a Ranger!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations John! You deserve it!


Sheri said...

Brandy - Good for your hubby for working on his degree. I am not sure how it is for you guys, but John certainly doesn't get the pay he would if he had some paper to back him up! He has a computer here or takes phone calls weekly!

Thank you all for your congrats! Made his day.

Lacy - I LOVE a man in uniform, drool!