Monday, June 30

Akasha, Queen of the Damned

Vampires, a fascination of mine since childhood. As you have noticed, my blog URL is akasha-queen of the damned. I have used this name in the gaming world for over ten years. It started with an online game called Everquest, to Heroes of Might and Magic and following me in recent years to another online game called Unreal Tournament. Akasha, from Anne Rice's novel, Queen of the Damned is said to be the mother of all vampires according to Rice's writings and very popular vampires series.

Anne Rice is the most wonderful spinner of vampire tales I have yet to find. The fact that she has written so many vampire based books over the years, couldn't thrill me more. I will not tolerate a "bad" vampire book and unfortunately there are many more of those out on the market than ones worth reading.

I admit the dark underworld of a vampire lures me from some dark place I don't normally go. While I could never go goth, I love the look people capture when they do. I am a huge fan of horror and science fiction, because you see, in these realms, anything goes. No rules apply and the unthinkable can and will happen. The darker, the better. (This said, I did cry at the end of My Dog Skip, with the excuse that I was pregnant with Spencer.)

I don't believe vampires exist, at least not in the way folklore has taught us. Yet if one, particularly tall, dark and handsome, stopped by my bedroom window one night, who's to say what might happen...

I used this signature for Unreal Tournament when I posted on forums.

Gary Oldman, was in my opinion, the sexiest Dracula to date. This is from Bram Stoker's Dracula.

My costume last Halloween for work. I look like a had a blood popsicle! I was disappointed in my colleagues. Halloween is a time for spooks and a professional two piece snowman outfit won the contest!

Now you know the rest of the story...

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Brandy said...

I have to admit, I know jack about vampires. But SWEET costume! You should've TOTALLY won that contest!!!