Tuesday, July 1


As I get older, I find myself looking at life in general from a different perspective. I stop and admire things that at a younger age, I would have walked by with more "important" issues on my mind. I am perfectly happy with this. At the end of a long work day, I look forward to many things at home that no other place can offer me. Kisses and hugs from Spencer, my computer (I would have one built into my arm if I could), reading some of my favorite blogs, having John tell me dinner was delicious when a five year old could make something better and during the summer admiring my handiwork outdoors. I have been waiting for weeks for my perennials out front to bloom. It was worth the wait. My dream home consists of a landscaped field of flowers and greenery that I do my own maintenance on...

My Xander. I am completely in love with this little guy. Here he is at night with his eyes fully dilated. They are completely black. He is eyeing up a cricket here. I am in dire need of learning how to take a better photo. He is much more interesting than any photo I take.

I have to post silly pictures of Spencer while I can. Some day all too soon he will ban me from posting pictures like the one above. We set up his pool outside tonight and I didn't want him running around barefoot while it filled. I also didn't want to dress him further for a few minutes. He doesn't' care what he is wearing and of course I kept looking at him and laughing at his attire. At least the rope coordinates with his shoes!


Chet Of The Undead said...

Build a computer into your arm??


If you do that, then ya gotta have a mouse under there too, which of course as a point of scientific fact would give you a big burly looking "Popeye arm" and that would only be midly cool...just midly ;)

As for your lad and your tad...too cute...just be thankful he's not going through a "clown phase" half-nekkid is far less messy

(not to mention the frog will be like SOOO disappointed when he can't join the circus when he grows up!! :P :D lol )

Brandy said...

BEAUTIFUL flowers girl! Although I do not have a gardening gene in my body, I have the want to have a nicely landscaped yard as well. Thankfully, I have a hubby that is more than willing to help! :)

And LOVE Spencer's shoes! :) I'm a shoe hound so they're right up my alley!

Faith said...

Oh little Spencer who usually has no shoes on. He wares them well with the rest of his attire. LOL I remember my kids and the way they used to dress and I would let them, which is even worse. I love my computer for one simple reason, it keeps in touch with my family and you and Tanya even more now. Have a great one my dear.

Razor Family Farms said...

Okay, I am so jealous that you have that frog. He is so precious that I just want to reach through the monitor and grab him. He'd like our house. We have lots of flies.


Wishing you a terrific day and offering up apologies for my long absence. Josh is on leave and we've been working on adoption papers.


Sheri said...

Chet-I can accept mildly cool. "half-nekkid" does help with the budget; I am just hoping my neighbors don't catch on!

Thanks Brandy! Actually, I have a confession to make. I saw your post a while back with Nate in his Nike sandals. I loved them and went out and got Spencer the same pair. Great minds think alike!

Faith-Spencer would certainly prefer to be naked if I let him. Must be a guy thing! I love hearing from you almost every day! Miss ya woman!

Nice to see you again Lacy! I knew you must be spending some time with Josh. I did miss you though. I will be praying for you. Adoption is a long emotional process. ((HUGS & SMILES))