Saturday, July 19

Bad Morning, Good Day

Have you ever had a morning like this?

This is the look I gave John this morning when he asked if I wanted to go shopping. I think my hair speaks for itself and no answer was needed. However, John has seen me many mornings now and was not daunted by my Buckwheat like hair or the glare of my unadorned eyes. He just snapped a picture and walked away, commenting to Spencer that his mom needed to take a shower so we could get going. I know my beatitude overwhelms him at times like these and he needs some time alone to ponder his great fate of having such an agreeable mate. To top this off, my very mature pj's have a nasty looking cat on them with a quote, "Hey, dog breath." I think I am quite clear on how I handle mornings and one should proceed with much caution.
One must also admire a man who wakes up to such niceties with a smile on his face and is thankful for his life. Then again he has no hair to play tricks on him in his sleep, he doesn't wear pajamas, he just sleeps in shorts and a tee shirt and he doesn't wear makeup (except on special occasions), so his mornings aren't so different from any other part of the day.

What happened is this. I grudgingly got into the shower mumbling to myself that decent people didn't shower on Saturdays and were allowed to smell and wear their pj's all day. Why couldn't he find a new set of luggage in town, by himself, instead of having to drive 45 minutes away. Once in the shower, I remembered (I mean give me a break, this is still all new to me) that I have new and improved hair and it only takes 5, yes 5, minutes to fix and look so much better than the hour it used to take me. By the time I emerged from the bathroom, I was not only much more presentable, but you could look at me and I might not bite.

Moral of the story, go with big tall man to get him some luggage and you will come home with one of these adorable and essential companions.

This is Simone, Xander's new friend. Isn't she the cutest little girl? I couldn't resist going into the pet stores and just looking at all the fish and critters. The first store had no White's Tree Frogs in stock. The second one had my new baby and John was a gem by taking the decision out of my hands and telling the sales lady that we wanted her. He is the most thoughtful person, much much much more that I could ever hope to be. He doesn't understand my joy at a $20 frog but the thought and willingness of his to get her for me without question means more than I can say.

So, now you poor souls who actually visit my little blogging world, have yet another frog for me to take bad photos of.


Tanya said...

That's some great morning hair right there. You don't happen to have a lot of styling product in, do ya? ;)

Cute little frog. Are her and Zander going to make more little froggies together?

Brandy said...

Oh I SO know how you feel about the mornings, my friend, as I feel the same way. My hubby wakes up with a smile on his face and is chipper as can be, as if he's been up for hours. Me? Don't look at me, talk to me, touch me or anything even close to that for AT LEAST an hour. I'm awful in the mornings and the earlier it is, the nastier I am. Most days, my sweetheart Natey has me awake at 5am. If he weren't so darned cute, I'd...well, I don't know...but he's lucky. :)

Soooo whatcha gonna name your new little friend?

Sheri said...

Tanya, I hope not!!! Xander did sit on her all night Saturday after I brought her home though. He is so much fatter than her, I had to keep checking on her to make sure she was still breathing!

Brandy, that is cute about Nate. You are right, he is darned cute! I have named her Simone. No reason behind it, I just like that name.