Wednesday, July 16


Remember this picture from about a month ago? The blog title was "Love at First Sight" and I wrote how my friend, Pam, fell in love with the pet store owner's four year old Argentine Black and White Tegu, Beast. Pam now has her own! As of last Friday, Pam is the proud owner of Oliver, who is only a few months old but already about a foot long. He is adorable and quite mellow. He does like to take flying leaps off of Pam onto the furniture though. I wish you all could hear her when he does this. Her quiet yet firm ,"NO" is the cutest and funniest thing at the same time. Like when you watch your child do something naughty, yet secretly admire them for their charisma.


His favorite meal so far? Cheesy hot dogs! Leave it to Pam to come up with this meal. He will eat crickets but seems to think better of himself and prefers the hot dogs and fish. Tegus eat a wide variety of foods, including fruits and live animals (rabbits, mice etc.) Pam is not sure what she will feed Oliver yet as she wants him to be kid friendly for her niece and nephew.

Nice bath tub he has there. It's hard to tell due to the his heat lamp casting a yellowish glow, but Oliver is very beautiful. His markings are wider and even prettier on his belly. I sat next to his "safe place" and watched him for quite a while. I could seriously watch him for hours and probably not care to do much else; he is that neat and interesting. He loves to be petted and talked to.

The pet store sold out of the tank Pam needs to get Oliver set up, so they loaned her a 10 gallon tank in the meantime. It is too small to provide adequate hiding spaces for Oliver which is one of the things he loves most. This funny guy crawled into Pam's cd case on the table and took a nap right in front of us! How can you not love a card like this?

Pam covered him up with a dish towel and Oliver was happy as can be...

By the way, Oliver is too young to determine his sex as of yet, so if he just "happens" to be a girl, he will be called Olivia.


Tanya said...

I probably wouldn't hold him for long, but he's pretty cool looking! Looks like he'd be a good buddy for Xander!

Chet Of The Undead said...

A preference for cheesy hotdogs is mos'definately the difference between an animal that's a pet and one you eat to scare the tourists! :P

Seriously,good stuff...very Reptile-er-riffic! B)

Brandy said...

*shivers* No matter how hard I try not to, it gives me the willies. I think it's the long fingerlike things.

But how awesome for Pam to get such an interesting pet!! I hope she and Oliver/Olivia will be very happy together! :)

Sheri said...

I must admit that I am skittish around the little guy. I am not necessarily afraid of him but MY reaction to him. He is actually a very sweet little guy but certainly not for everyone. Pam is so awed by him, it is contagious.