Monday, July 21

The Dark Knight

I actually left the house without Spencer this last Friday. Not many things/people/rituals can accomplish this task. I used to never be at home. I had a beautiful home and many reasons to stay there but for some reason was restless and in need of some "action." Since my sweet boy was born, I cannot believe the change in myself as a person. I am so content with not only myself (sometimes too content and showering, shaving and basic hygiene don't seem remotely important...just kidding...but I heard you all going ewwww all the way over here at my house!) but with staying at home is the best idea I have every day. I enjoy company much more here at my house than going out to a bar or trying to keep up with the Jones.

One of the few things I do wish I could do more often but cannot for lack of a trusted sitter, is go to the movies. I would go once a week if I could. Due to the fact that I know few people here and Spencer has communication issues, I don't trust many to sit for him and have to pick my movies carefully. I was not disappointed this last Friday when we went to see The Dark Knight. I have always viewed Heath Ledger as an exceptional if not troubled actor. His voice alone could send me to lala land for hours. Christian Bale is in my top ten favorite all time actors. He has been above and beyond Hollywood's bland casting of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt since the day American Psycho came out. Then there is Morgan Freeman. He seems to only get better as he gets older. I often wonder if he is as interesting in real life as he can make any role fit his nature to a tee. Last but not least is Gary Oldman. No matter how odd this man is, you cannot deny his acting abilities are grand. I am of course much biased by the images invading my mind every time I see him and cannot, nor do I want to, forget his role as Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula. My only disappointment was Maggie "dumpy butt" Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes. Katie Holmes looked like Audrey Hepburn next to Maggie's horrendous acting and her pig like features (sorry to be so blunt but this woman gives me the creeps). You may all have a nicer, different view, but this is my blog and I'll be a boob if I want too!

I could have watched the second showing of this movie, no problem. It was so well done and so creatively acted, there is no way one can catch the whole of the movie in one showing. The darkness of the movie, it's undertones, if you catch them are real and forbidding. I almost cried when I thought of the enormous yet worthy job Heath Ledger did to the Joker character. No villain has been done better nor with so much imagination. I am one of the few that dislikes Jack Nicholson and his trailer park acting and thought he did the Joker no justice when he took the role. Heath, now that is The Joker...

Don't take my word for it, go see it yourself. The only way you will be sorry is if you are expecting to see something on the lines of Spiderman. The Dark Knight is NOT a family outing movie and while I found the undertones of the movie and their meanings to be much more haunting that the actual scenes being shown, the scare factor and CGI effects are phenomenal.

Ok, I am off my soap box. This movie is the best I have seen since LOTR and I watch A LOT of movies.

This is my desktop right now. Cute, huh?


Tanya said...

We're going to see it this week. Can't wait!

Brandy said...

Ya know, you almost make me want to see it. I really have no desire to see it but you make it sound awesome.

I'm not really a movie buff - mostly because, like you, finding a competent sitter is WICKED expensive out here. Before Nate was talking, I looked into hiring a woman who specialized in Autism to babysit but her cost alone was going to be something like $75 for 3-4 hours. That makes a $20 movie outing outrageously expensive. We never went out unless my in-laws could come and stay with the kids.

Glad you got the chance to go out and that you enjoyed the movie. :)

Faith said...

Totally loved the movie. We are going again Tuesday night. He was totally aewsome. Did a great job.

Razor Family Farms said...

I've heard that The Dark Knight was AMAZING! Now I know that I have to see it. I put it on my Netflix and will wait until it comes out. I'm very excited about seeing it.

You know, I see where you are coming from. Since Josh and I moved to the country and started pursuing the life of our dreams and felt the kind of happiness that only comes from being so full of love and satisfaction... well, you don't want to leave. Bars, concerts, and movies take a backseat to the simple everyday delights that come from being complete.

Of course, the occasional movie is quite nice.

But I can't remember the last time Josh and I went to the theater. Gosh. Not since we lived in Washington!

Lacy (who is so happy to have internet access and be able to read and comment on your blog!)

Ariana said...

Oooh, I can't WAIT to see this movie, seriously can't wait.

And yeah, finding a trustworthy, affordable babysitter is almost impossible! I hate that about being a mom, I never ever go out alone :(
I've been wanting to go to this movie but doubt I'll get a chance to see it until it comes to video! ugh

I love the pictures of Spencer when he was a baby. I'll have to browse through your blog a bit sometime since I obviously don't know you at all! lol

Sheri said...

Hello Ariana! Thanks for stopping by (especially with your busy days!). I am not too exciting and a bit twisted but otherwise harmless.

Even though you get used to not being able to jump up and just go, it sure would be a nice change here and there, wouldn't it?