Wednesday, July 9

Surrounded by Men

So last night I had this dream...oh wait, I wasn't going to post that!! Sshh, I lost my train of thought. No really, I have become a blog lurker these last few months and suddenly realized how outnumbered I am here at home. Three to one, if you count Xander, and I do. I mean pets are like family members in this household. I don't mind that I am the only female, unfortunately I am well past the "girl" stage these days, it's just that it would be nice to do some girl stuff once in a while. Play barbies, fix our hair together, go shopping (and like it). I wouldn't trade my guys for the world though. Funny how that works.

All the boys:


Brandy said...

I have a good friend that has 4 boys and she absolutely LOVES it! Something about a house full of men! :D And speaking from experience, the shrieks and screams of girls cannot be matched by boys!! LOL

Tanya said...

Boys are way sweeter, let me tell ya! Of course I've always secretly wished for a girl too, but boy can they be viscious to each other when they get older!

I'll always be a mom to boys and I love that!

Anonymous said...

I will play barbies and try to like shopping (on occasion). Feeling out numbered is never a good time, but it is good to get a break from girls too. Anytime you'd like to even out the score, I can be over in minutes if you'd like :)

Love ya

Sheri said...

To tell you the truth, if I didn't need to work outside the home, I would love a handful of kids running around my house. I have always loved children. They are God's greatest gift!

Pam, you do need to come over more often. You offered, I am accepting. We might need to hide our barbies from John though!