Sunday, July 6

My Water Babies

Our summer has finally started and with it, Spencer's days (and nights if we let him) are spent in his pool. He got to pick out a new one this year as last year's blew away one day while we were at work! Spencer does not show much interest in things outside his oral fixation with strings and movies. I try to take him outside as often as I can to get him away from zoning out on his "obsessions". This is one little boy who wears out his mommy regularly! All I have to do is show him his swimming trunks and he is jumping and yelling in delight. I love it! Nothing in this world compares to your child's laughter.

While his pool was being filled, Spencer decided the hose was a fun new pool toy.

I can't leave out Xander. This boy is also enjoying his "pool". Okay, technically he is enjoying his Tupperware bowl but who's keeping tabs?

Just waiting for the babes to come by. Mr. Xander B. Cool.


Brandy said...

Isn't summer grand?! My kids love the pool too - especially Nathaniel. He could splash and jump in it all day!

Great photos! It really captures how much Spencer loves the pool! And love the last pic of Xander!

Tanya said...

I'm glad that Spencer loves the water. What a fun thing for him to do! The frog is funny!

Razor Family Farms said...

Oooooo!!! Water pictures are super!

Spencer is adorable -- as always! And Xander, with his little arm all propped up on the edge -- if he isn't mister cool then I don't know who is!


Sheri said...

Thanks you guys!!