Sunday, June 15


By LaVyrle Spencer. My grandma introduced me to Mrs. Spencer's books over 10 years ago. I have read every one, many of them 5 to 6 times. She has since retired and I have not found another author close to her style of writing. Years is my favorite book by far that she has written. I usually read mystery, suspense or science fiction books. Romances are VERY few and far between for me but for some reason LaVyrle Spencer takes the typical romance and leaves out all the fodder that usually turns me away from them. I most definitely prefer her historical romances to her modern day ones also.

Anyone interested in telling me a book or two you have recently finished? I went to Goodwill today and picked up 4 new authors but I am quite picky and don't expect to have much luck with my choices.


Tanya said...

I've read this author's books years ago. I just finished both of Ken Follet's books. They were both really interesting. He's a great storyteller and it was sort of like a 13th century soap opera, but with more twists. Very good!

Brandy said...

I read mostly the forensic mystery types. A couple of months, I picked up the first 5 books by Kathy Reichs (creator of the Fox show "Bones") and I read all 5 in just a few days. The most recent book I finished though is Pandora's Daughter by Iris Johansen.

Sheri said...

Thank you guys so much for the suggestions! I will look into those. I love new authors.

Andrew Clarke said...

Can I suggest "Outcasts Of Skagaray"? If you like action and suspense but without gross bloodshed, and strong characters of both genders, you might find it a really good read. For sample chapters go to and see what you think. Read BOTH of them to get a clear idea. Happy reading. Your opinion would be valued.

Susan said...

I'd forgotten Spencer - her older historicals were wonderful. Women with wisdom and character. They might have been interested in the guy but didn't spend all their time thinking about him. And none were shrinking violets.
Have you read any of the Amanda Quick books? Her older, one word titles are the best. Reckless, Desire, Deception etc.
"Agnes and the Hitman" was a stitch. I think the author was Crusie - I got it from the "just released" section of my library so it's newer. Very unlikely but totally funny too.
And how about Janet Evanovich and her woman bounty hunter? Do treat yourself and start at the very beginning with "One for the Money".
I'll read a book over a movie anytime and am always looking for suggestions and new authors.

Sheri said...

Susan- I have read some Amanda Quick but not enough. Thanks for the reminder and the other suggestions. I feel lost without a book!