Sunday, June 8

Love at First Sight

For those of you that think my frog is an odd or exotic pet, check out the cute fuzzy pet below. After we took Xander out of his cage, we walked around the pet store a bit as the owners were busy with other customers. A door that is normally closed was opened and Pam saw LARGE reptiles. We first looked at an 8 foot boa that looked quite hungry. By that time the owner was back and told us to turn around and check out the guy behind us. Well, that was it for Pam. She oohed, aahed and fanned herself as the owner took the lizard out of it's cage.

This is an Argentine black and white Tegu. It looks ferocious but is actually a very nice pet. This is a male and about five years old, with some more growing to do. Pam and I looked them up online when we got home and discovered they are quite easy to raise (for a lizard) and very tameable. He was friendly and allowed Pam to pick him up with no qualms.

So I get to be a lizard aunt sometime in the near future. Can't bring Pam anywhere!

What would you do if you saw your neighbor taking this for a walk?


Brandy said...

OMGosh, I'd pass out if I saw that anywhere near me! I can handle a lot but you give me anything with a long tongue like that or scaley skin and I'm through. LOL

Neat repile though! :) I've often told my hubby that the ONLY pets allowed in this house are dogs and cats...and since he's allergic to cats, our pet list consists of a dog only! And we already have one! :P

Tanya said...

Omg, that thing is HUGE. You must need a huge tank for that thing. I can only imagine what it eats!!

Sheri, Pam is the perfect friend for you as she shares a love for things scaly and cold blooded, lol!!

Enjoy your new pets girls!

Faith said...

He is so ugly he's cute. Doug would shoot me if I came home with something like that. I would love to see and hold it. A girl at work has a Boa, her name is Lucy I held her. She was eating one rat a week but is up to four now.

Sheri said...

I am a dog lover too Brandy! I would have been a little leery of it too if the owner hadn't been so nonchalant about it.

I am not sure I LIKE the lizard, I think he is interesting and was surprised at how mild mannered it was. The babies look so different, not so scaly and they are green on top.

Lucy is a great boa name. Really big snakes are only good from a distance. I am afraid they might think I look good for dinner!

Razor Family Farms said...

What a great tongue!