Tuesday, June 24

Love My Frog

Xander told me tonight that he is feeling left out of the blogging world. Ok, he didn't tell me anything since contrary to Spencer's Dora and Diego movies, frogs cannot talk. And definitely not Xander. In fact, Xander doesn't do much of anything. He sleeps all day, sometimes in the oddest places and positions. All you see is his chin bobbing up and down and if I talk to him, he might move his head in my direction. I leave his light on in his tank for 12 hours a day. It is important he has night and day in his world too. I shut the light off around 7:30 each night and then give him dinner. He comes out only long enough to enjoy a few crickets and then hides again. Most nights I shut all the lights off and wait for him to come out and "play". He loves to take baths in his water dish but he is so slow getting there, that most nights I give in and go to bed.

He really is a very neat and low maintenance pet. I just adore him and watch him most nights by pulling up a chair and sitting next to his tank. He does react to the sound of my voice and that only makes me adore him more. In fact, if John talks next to his tank, he hides even further. A frog after my own heart! He is interesting and has a mellow personality. He is so cute that he looks almost like he is a toy instead of a living breathing animal, if that makes sense.
Christine held him for a bit during her visit last week.

These are the spots on his back that I fell in love with right away.

This photo looks a little gross but really he is far from gross. When you hold him, you hardly know he is there, he is so lightweight and his body temperature is very close to ours. He is not slimy in any way, although he looks like he would be. This is how he slept all day yesterday. Just stuck to the side of his tank. Didn't move a muscle for over 12 hours. What a life!

He is hiding out after his dinner tonight. I had to use night mode and zoom in pretty far with my camera. He'll have to hide better than this to elude me!


Faith said...

Oh Sheri he is adorable. I want one to love like that. What kind is he again? I would have to wait until my fish go to the water sky. I have had my fish for well over a year and do love to watch them. It is so peace full. I just gaze at them and lose myself in thought.

Razor Family Farms said...

He's so dang cute that he looks fake. Real critters just can't be that precious!


Tanya said...

Sam would love that thing! I'm glad that you are enjoying him! He looks happy, if frogs can look happy.

Brandy said...

Love the pics! :) He looks almost sticky - not slimy, but sticky. Is he?

Sheri said...

Faith - He is a White's Tree Frog, named after the man who discovered them. They can be green, brown or this really pretty teal color. Xander only cost $35.00. The teal ones are a little more but really pretty.

Brandy - he is sticky. He sticks to most things and can jump right up your arm and sit sideways half hanging off. Although you feel like you should pet him, it isn't good for his skin because of the stickness. I have the urge to pet him like a dog every time I hold him!

Faith said...

Ty you Sheri. I will have to look into this. Not trying to copy you. Nice flowers you sent you baby sister (sisser).

Sheri said...

Faith, you are not copying me. How do you think I got the idea? If that pet store owner hadn't had one as his own pet to see, I wouldn't have known how neat they were in the first place. Most of my best ideas were originally someone elses!