Thursday, June 5

Working With Angels

Today was Spencer's last day of school. Since he was 3, he is now 5, he has been attending Early Childhood Development. He went four mornings a week and loved school very much. He had access to a "regular" classroom teacher, who is FAR from regular along with her aide. Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy and gym. He rotated these each day. Because of these special, patient and open minded ladies, Spencer excelled far more than he would have during these last few years. He grew to love his teachers and they in return love him. He will be difficult in the mornings for the next few weeks because he cannot understand why he won't be going to school this summer. It breaks my heart that not only does he not understand but that he will not be seeing these women he has grown to love again unless by chance. I honestly would have been lost without them!

This is the note Mrs. DeeDee sent home with Spencer today:

"John and Sheri,

Thank you so much for sharing your son with me. I have learned so much from him. I don't know if I will ever make it to Heaven. So I feel fortunate that I was to work with a little boy who I know will be in Heaven some day. I am literally working with angels."

Spencer next to his locker. You can tell who is the photographer in this family. John took all of these pictures.

Mrs. DeeDee. This woman is one in a million. She will always have a special place in my heart. She was Spencer's main classroom teacher and coordinated his days and was my communication to how he was doing and what they were working on.
Mrs. Tara, his Occupational Therapist. I wonder if he likes her?
Mrs. Pam, the teacher's assistant. Mrs. Pam didn't make too many points with the kids due to her strictness. Her goal was to keep the children focused during class time, snack time, outside time etc. I think her job would be very tough!

I am so proud of Spencer!


Tanya said...

What a bittersweet feeling it must be for you. That he is moving on to Kindergarten!!! Wow! And getting so big and making so much progress yet so sad to leave behind such special people in his life.

It's hard, but there will be more special people in his life in the future!

Faith said...

When you move from moment in life to another there will always be those angels in our life and they come in many different forms and people. For some of us the angels are with us always, like Spencer, our children or our husbands. We are luckier than some to have these angels we get to keep and only share with others. Not everyone sees that they have these angels. Hugs to you all.

Derek said...

I am so proud of Spencer. He has become a big guy and all of the things he has acomplished. It is always hard to leave the ones you care about so much. Spencer is a very special angel to all of us. I am so very thankful I have got to know him and his parents. Take care!

Brandy said...

Oh I SO know where you're coming from Sheri! Nate has been in the same preschool class now for more than 2 years. He's had 2 wonderful teachers in that time but the same support staff (SLP, OT). This group of women is Nate's second family and he loves them! He starts kindergarten in the fall and it will be SO bittersweet!!

Great pictures! I really want to get some pics of Nate with his teachers/therapists before the end of the year!!